What is Google Plus Direct Connect? "+" Operator Vanished
While there was news about Google rolling out their Vanity URL service (Specific URL to Personal and Business Google Page - Check it out!), a new initiative "Google+ Direct Connect" is great way to let users instantly connect to your Google profile page by including +sign in front of search query.

e.g. +youtube (this will direct you to youtube's Google profile page instantly.

Google Direct Connect - Sony

With Google+ Direct Connect (GDC), user can instantly know whether particular search query has any related Google+ profile page available. E.g. If you search Google with '+' operator in front of it, you will be directed to Google's own profile page. It was simple yet powerful way to stay with company's Google profile pages.

Just after releasing the GDC, Google retired the "+" operator from their Direct Connect initiation. Now only few brands such as youtube, toyota, google and few others will be directed to their profile pages using + operator in search bar. Others such as +sony, +angelina and other famous brands will appear on search pages.

Google plus Badge
Eligibility for Google+ Direct Connect.

To get GDC you can link between your Google+ business page and website. You can also do it using Google+ badge. You will also need to add your website's link in your Google page.

Go to Google+ > Profile (left pan) > About tab > Click Link Website Button

Follow the steps in the appearing window.

Now copy and paste the code snippet in tag of your website. Also make sure to paste this code in head section of your site. Now click Test website button to ensure you have added the code. Be patient as it may take few days to correctly display check marked sign next to page's profile.

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