LG G3, Superior Hardware With Stunning 5.5" First Quad HD Display
The best shot from LG this time with huge hardware and design upgrades. LG's new G3 has remarkable features giving peers a tough fight. With first 5.5 Inch Quad HD display, LG stands beside to top notch smartphones such as HTC One, Sony Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5. It has superb 2560x1440p display resolution with maximum available of 538ppi density. 

LG G3 5.5" Quad HD first smartphone

A noticeable feature of G3 is it's very thin bezel. Almost 77% of its front is filled with display and that’s a feel of an accurate design. It has all new laser-equipped for capturing in all type of low light environments with better focusing. Phone weight lighter than most other similar size phones making it feel very comfortable in hands.

Color production on display is bright and accurate with excellent blacks. LG's G3 has round corners and curved back plastic back which makes device holding much comfortable. With this design, G3 nicely fit into large smartphone series instead of a tablet. Although its casing is made up of a plastic it is a faux metal finish and looks similar better to metallic phones.

G3's scratch resistant display is redesigned, it is just fairly resistant to thumb smudges and maintain its clean look. G3 uses a 3000mAh battery which is enough to keep this device fully functional at least for a day. Largely denser display surely demands more power consumption but LG's software optimization is way better than its predecessors. LG's laser-equipped camera lens really does enough work when compared to other top tier phones.

The verge has a great gallery of images taken from LG's G3. Stuff has done excellent phone review this time with including great details about the phone. Buy on Amazon

G3 runs on latest version of Android 4.4 Kitkat and with some modified UI. Features such as KnockOn - double tapping, Multi-App window, gesture recognitions are cool. Be careful about its kill switch which can make it disable permanently.

LG G3 is one of the best display large screen phone available in the market with major hardware upgrades. It has fabulous design and pretty decent android customization. G3 seems value for money device. 

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