Powerful SEO Friendly "Meta-Tags" for Boosting Your Blogger Blog's Traffic
Do you feel your new Blogspot blog is not getting enough traffic? Do you fascinate about how other sites perform well compared to your site? Are you new to SEO techniques and its advantages? Here are some tips to utilize meta-tags on your blog to enhance your site's visibility and help search engines find your content at much faster rate.

Meta tags are the simple keywords that give clear insight about your website. Such as the Author info, keywords to website content and a about brief about your site are included in Meta tag section. Meta tags play important function in getting better site popularity by indexing these tags in all search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. With Meta tags search index many times crawl the content on the basis of these specific keywords instead of actual page visiting.

Meta tags can be added in whole website/Blog or on individual pages. There are some methods to add these Meta tags on website. This article will guide you to put these tags on Blogger.

Method 1
Meta tags can be added between <head> and </head> in the Blogger template.

Go to Blogger> Template > Edit HTML

Find </head> and add below code lines just above it.


Make sure description does not exceed 160 words and keywords to be grammatically correct.

These Meta tags will be searched by search engines and help website get some traffic on the basis of these keywords.

Method 2
How to add meta-tags on individual pages?

Go to Blogger > Settings > Search Preferences and Click Edit.

Enable Search description to Yes and write site description in the box provided.

Blogger Search Preference Settings

In next step go to particular post and below labels and location bar you will find search description column, add tags there. The summary of your post will be shown in the search engine.

Adding tags on individual pages

Done! You have successfully implemented SEO friendly Meta-Tags on your Blog. If you have any questions please comment here.


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  3. nice.. almost modern blogspot template already insert the above tag into the html code.
    but, is there any secret tag to make all kind search engine would be crawl aour blog without registering our blog first?

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