Best Windows Default DOS Command Prompt Alternatives (Power users)
Why someone may need an alternative to a default command prompt? Maybe because everything must have some option to choose. Similarly Command Prompt also has few options currently available. They work pretty well and some more advance features inbuilt. For tech savvy people and developers command prompt is still very useful stuff. These alternatives will mostly fascinate those who involve in developer role or and IT power users. Even internet savvy people may find the alternatives interesting.

Considering the available options below are some really good programs available to replace command prompt usage.

ConEmu is widely used because of its advance features and it also has a beautiful interface. With little adjustment you can have transparent usual windows background running behind.

ConEmu (Command Prompt Alternative)

Just like a browser ConEmu prompt window is highly customizable. You can open new tabs, rename them, create command tasks and much more. For repeat tasks you don't need to input those command again and you can just select tasks created for those bunch of command lines working right instantly for you.

Other exciting features include windows 7 jump list and progress on taskbar, running old dos application in windows 7, using bolt and italic fonts in console.

It is just another option available, but has slightly less features compared to ConEmu. You cannot have transparent background desktop but you can change its window color. Unlike browser's tab PowerCMD opens different windows by dividing screen into small windows and you can actually run commands at the same time. PowerCMD also allow user to run set of commands predefined by tasks. You can run them using Ctrl F2. It also has a cool feature called auto suggestion. It is very helpful when you are unsure about the long folders names or their exact locations.

PowerCMD Dos Shell

It also has similar interface as those other two, but it is less customizable compared to other two. Still Console 2 has great advantages due to its simplicity. Console 2 has quite simple settings and it is easy to use.

It is just next to default command shell by allowing more features to utilize such as storing commands, exporting output to HTML and RTF format, copy past easy, tab based console and folder switch etc.
As name suggest ColorConsole has feature to modify background color of the tool window. It also has other useful features such as exporting output in HTML and RTF format, easier copy paste functions, tab windows, switching between features etc.

Apart from above options there are hacks available to access dos commands. Sometimes for security reasons many local computers and cybercaf├ęs block command prompt from public access. In those cases if you wish to adjust networking settings, unhide folders or anything you need command prompt. Most importantly you can use all the wild cards which are available in DOS.

Want In-depth review ColorConsole? Click Here

PowerShell first released by Microsoft in 2006 as an advance command line option. It focuses more on cmdlets and its variations.

Cmdlets integrates more functions of Microsoft.NET framework and provide more flexibility to perform complex tasks.

Cygwin is another powerful option for basic command prompt. It has UNIX like interface and has slightly advance options. With Cygwin one can directly start windows application through commands and viz. versa.

These tools are made especially for troubleshooting and developer users or those who are trying to perform certain complex task may be with their discs, data, internal and external hardware etc.

PowerShell and Cygwin are certainly better options than other four as they are made for in-depth commands rather than just focusing on their interface ease.

Greg’s Dos Shell (Best when default command prompt is inaccessible)
Gammadyne Corp. offer free DOS command prompt utility to use in all windows versions. This works exactly same as default command prompt and also has similar interface. With a pro version you can even get a custom built command line utility designed especially for your work purpose. This is available with free distribution rights unless you sell it. It also has some modified features which are too much basic in windows command prompt. For details and downloads click here.

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