Create Powerful Backlinks to Your Website/Blog
Creating strong backlinks is not just another SEO concept but having niche content on the website is equally important. Backlinking is all about of website promotion and marketing with strong long-term positive effect. A Little bit of rough and smart strategy will surely give you better results. 

Quality and relevant backlinks are key to the website success nowadays. With proper strategy, consistent work and with help of SEO tools you can easily achieve strong backlinks.

With Google new algorithm updates now it is not just the number of links that important but also quality and relevance of content.
Sources to Backlinks
There are few things which must be followed and some to be avoided. One just cannot expect their new blogs or websites get instant traffic or a quick public attention. 

For this purpose, proper marketing and using one of those many methods of SEO will certainly prove helpful. Altogether it is not just backlinking but building a reputation.

Couple of Do's

1. Don't just look for "write for us" pages and go blindly.

2. Write for well-known sites and do it multiple times.

3. Use No-follow links for socializing your article and overall content.

4. Monitor backlinks from guest posts and other sources. 

5. SEO tools such as 'monitorbacklinks' are very good for analysis.

6. Blog and Site Commenting - a must have.

Old Methods

1. Adding site to directories and listings.

2. Presell pages – Industry relevant articles hosted on high-rank websites.

3. Link exchange programs – Buying links and publishing them randomly.

4. If you wish to see your website's traffic and backlinks profile, this tool will show detailed analysis upon which you can study bounce rates, page visits with duration on pages etc.

By following above steps carefully and smartly you will surely improvise your backlinks profile. To make your links look natural and untraceable, it is necessary to hide your profile bio sometimes while posting on other sites as a guest. It is called as leaving a footprint behind. Instead use some other short pet names on those sites.

Basically, there are two types of backlinks your website get. One with a natural flow from high-quality websites with large social connections and other which one you create yourself. It is called as earning backlinks naturally. 

If you wish to create good backlinks yourself, follow tips such as guest posts, article writing on quality sites, infographics, quality forums, email promotion - outreach and broken links method.

Below are some ways which must be avoided to stop bad backlinking.

1. Links from very thin content pages.

2. Sites which gives almost no credit to users such as bookmarking sites and article directories.

3. Spam sites from which automated comments appear without interest and logic.

Let us know what you say in comments.
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