iPhone is Disabled? Use Gecko iPhone Toolkit Utility
Once in a lifetime you may stuck at a situation forgetting your own iPhone security password. What then? After trying several times your device will show up a message saying "iPhone is disabled - connect to iTunes". It may also happen if you have changed your pass-code many times and forget to note down or stayed away from your phone for some time.
iPhone disabled
Off course resetting your iDevice through iTunes is a certain way, but in some cases, iTunes will note recognize your last sync and unable to reset it through regular way. Now there is a great option available. Using Gecko iPhone Toolkit your can get your pass-code with easy steps. Just install the software here and follow the steps.

Method A

Using iTunes Recovery Mode. (Note: This will wipe out all existing data from your device - be careful!)

Connect USB cable to PC but not to device and launch iTunes.

Meanwhile Press - hold, home and power button and turn off the device.

Press and continue to hold home button while connecting USB cable to iPhone to turn it on.

Continue holding home button till iTunes shows up message saying "iPhone in recovery mode has been detected."

This is iPhone's recovery mode. Click "Restore" button in iTunes.

Restore will take few minutes depending upon the process and your device will be reset to factory default settings.

This method is very useful when your device has minimum amount of data and files and your are comfortable to reset it to default factory settings.

Method B

Recovering Pass-code using Gecko iPhone Toolkit: (New utility do find pass-code)

Download Gecko iPhone Toolkit

Download Microsoft.NET Framework 4
Download iOS Firmware for your iDevice

Try running Gecko toolkit directly and if it ask for .NET framework then only download and install it to your system. It may happen that your system already have it.

Connect iPhone to PC through cable. Close iTunes if it starts automatically and run Gecko Toolkit.

Refer below screenshot and hit Boot.

Gecko iPhone Toolkit

It will ask you to locate your firmware file. Locate iOS firmware file and click OK.

Now software will need your iDevice to go to DFU mode so as to jailbreak it using redsn0w.

To enable DFU mode - Hold Power and Home button for 10 secs.

Release Power button while holding Home button for 10 more secs.

Gecko toolkit will display another window starting the pass-code finding operation. Do not disconnect your device at this stage.

Gecko algorithm will start decoding the pass-code with possible combinations of four digits and will display your correct code at the end.

Once toolkit find your correct code you can disconnect your device to get into normal position and you are ready to enter your pass-code.

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