System Registry File Missing or Corrupt In Windows - Best Solutions
Windows System Registry holds crucial information about overall operating configuration and contains database for interacting entire applications/components with each other.

Registry files are mostly altered during programs installations, altering security settings, hardware settings and updating programs versions to genuine etc. Due to some or other above reasons, sometimes we get error message while loading windows at startup and it says "system registry corrupted or registry file missing".

To avoid such mishaps and headache of reinstalling whole operating system again, a simple registry backup will solve the purpose most of the time. To run the OS smooth each time one need to clean up unwanted registry entries correctly. There are smart programs available in the online freely to take care all of these issues.

Windows contains system folder with name "System 32" which contains all these entries. Whenever your operating system shows up such errors of missing files or corrupted, you can run repair disc from your operating system disc. With this windows will replace the corrupted or missing files with new ones.

Method 1: Windows Command Prompt

You can scan the system registry files with the command given by microsoft.
Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
Type 'sfsc/sannow' and press Enter.

All system files will be scanned for errors and they will be replaced if not matching with the backup.

Method 2: Using Startup Repair Disc

If you have installation disc with you, you can choose to boot from it.

With normal procedures select 'Repair Your Computer' from the given menu.
Select 'System Recovery Options' and select 'Startup Repair'.

Once it is completed restart the system and remove the disc before doing so.

You may need to update your Windows in some cases to ensure all files are updated correctly. For that Go to run box by using Windows Key + R, type 'Control System' and click ok. Click windows update of left side and click 'update' option. Once it is done, restart the system.

Method 3: Using small programs to repair Registry Backup and Cleaning

Many free utilities are available which again successfully do the registry cleaning and replaces error files or copy missing files again to system.

Download Little Registry Cleaner Download here ""

This is very powerful tool available and it can certainly solve your problems upto 95% of times.

Other Free registry repairs: Norton utility (free),

Tim Fisher ( lists best free 36 Registry cleaners available right now.

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