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Once you are acquainted with the basic concepts of Blogging and keen to write in-depth articles, your next aim is to have earnings through it smartly. Although AdSense is the most preferred way to earn money through sites, other programs such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika ads, Blogads, Amazon, Linkshare will serve a similar purpose but at a different earning threshold.

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Good marketing skills and some regular hard work will surely bring results. Some people keep complaining about why their website does not get much traffic and stuck up ending writing? It is not true. Good consistency and maintaining quality on the website is very important. 

Referring to online content and making some 150-200 words is a task of babies, making a difference with brief content, updated information, images, examples, and links, you can reach readers mind. You can hold your visitor's attention and let them revisit again and again is something achievable task.

Below are some online services which allow you to put their ad blocks on the blog posts and site pages. And while someone clicks those ads, site owner get a little share. Actually, that share is low but considering the vast amount of clicks through a healthy traffic on your website, you can actually pile up a big amount of cash.

Advertising partners

Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Link Worth, Adster, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Widgetbucks, Chitika, Text Link Ads, TextAds, BlogAds, Double Click are some important programs to note in the list.

Network Affiliates such as Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction allow a user to put their Ad units on site pages and upon someone interact with the advertisers and buy products or do bookings (through merchant's page), site owner gets a percentage commission. It is something like working as an agent who brings them the customers. 

Depending upon your website content you can choose a type of ad units. E.g. If you have some beauty related articles you can choose to put ads related to beauty products, cosmetics, clothing, fashion products etc.

Affiliates Networks / Programs

Amazon, ShareASale, ClickBank, Infolinks Publisher, TTZ Media, Spread Shirt, Link Share, Cafe Press etc. These are some amazing option which can be selected depending upon your website niche and choice of products.

Third party Donations - 

Donations are something which you cannot keep asking for. Rather if you write one sentence or few words and keep an option for someone to pay you, someone will surely do. Website owners place Donate tab on their site and write "Buy me a coffee" and you will be surprised many times to have some little addition to your bank account. It all depends on upon how a visitor appreciates your articles, writing or even a cause or purpose.

Sponsor Advertising

Exactly similar to displaying some company's or some group's banner on the street. If your blog/website is much popular and comes in a notice of such group or company, they will prepare a banner for you to display and offer a lump sum amount for a period.

Sponsored Reviews

While you review their products, services, articles etc. you may get some benefits in terms of perks or money. For this, you must meet their criteria or basic requirements. E.g. you cannot review a Digital Camera if their criteria are “reviewer must be a photographer or experienced camera user.”

Natural Abilities for Successful Blogging

Many other factors such as liking of the websites, internet savvy, good reading ability, promotions, go-getter attitudes are important while developing content. Simply ask yourself who is going to read your articles and how will they feel about it. Start rating your own articles. Don't try to finish the articles with the hurry of posting regularly. 5-8 good quality posts every week is enough for generating healthy traffic. 

It is a fact that very few people succeed to make money through their own websites because it requires great consistency and liking towards a goal. It may not happen that your put your best hard work for making some posts and your site will start generating income for you. Constant updating is important.

Activities such as commenting on blogs/sites, email promotions, bookmarking, affiliate programs, RSS feeds, analyzing statistics, participating in online carnivals, page ranks tracking are some of the natural paths to follow. 

Many people think developing websites requires full-time devotion but actually it is reverse, once you have experience of your content and you start getting more into it, it will actually take less time and save it further as you grow more. At the start, it would be difficult to write articles and have tangibles visitors to see regularly coming but here is the 80% patience key for the success.

Developing articles is a skill. You cannot just start writing sentences by looking at other articles online. Basic understanding of every single thing you follow is key. 

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." 
- Albert Einstein. 

For this, you certainly need to spend some time on every topic you generate into a good article. If you take it as learning for yourself then most probably you will end up in a good rank article. Be ready to change every time you see new things. Rather than thinking upon what content you miss every time, start thinking about ways to get into some easy corners.

Evergreen Content

Technologies, blogs, content keeps on changing and updating so be ready for continuous development. Don't just write/make and forget, keep a track of changes and updates. 

If needed, go back and update articles. Instead of just firing content, you can surely wait and look for more precise material and correct language. Review your earlier work at intervals. It is not that difficult but must be done.

Your articles need to be timeless, meaning – if someone starts reading your blog now and after six months or a year it has to be relevant. Content should not go outdated. Creating it with originality is all known basic concept as well. 

Always remember someone like you is going to read your articles – so they need to be simple and yet concise. If you want a large number of a pool to read your articles, they must be complete and brief. Instead of forcing your thoughts upon readers you can always try to convenience them using facts, figures, and examples.

Wrap Up,

Earning from blogging is an inspiration; it is not a job and should not be taken as it. If you show some dedication, you can easily start the earning engine and many of us have done it. How far to reach, how much to earn is a matter of time and performance. Bravo!

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