Does Donations Really Help Your Blog? Get a "Donate Us" Bar on Blogger Blog
You may not always get gifted by uncertain happy donors but if your website wins someone's heart, there are good chances of having it sometimes. If your blog content is valuable or very informative for someone, you will get donations. Donate bar is a must to encourage those happy readers to help you in more factual way than just positive comments and likes. It also assist for many of those to keep blogging.

donate button paypal blogger
Is it really helpful?
Many bloggers have successfully earned perks through such donations. For this the content must be really helpful and heart winning. If you can grab someone's attention with your posts, they will certainly would like to help you through donations. If your site have large number of readers, or your readers feel your website is worth you will certainly receive donations.

Considering donations as a supplementary source of income is definitely a good idea as it sounds begging upto certain extent. But if you are worthy you will get it. Many people call it as a small gift or help towards development. And yes it is true.

There are some simple ways to add donate bar on your website or blog. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Login to PayPal account. Click Here to directly go to Donations.
2. Go to Merchant Service tab.
3. Go to Donations. Click on PayPal Website Payments Standard from Merchant Service tab and select Donations tab. It says "There are buttons for donations and gift certificates."

paypal donate button

4. Select Create Your Button Now link.

donate button setup

5. Select the most suitable button for your site.
6. Choose Donors enter their own contribution amount radio button.
7. Keep "Secure Merchant ID radio button" selected. This will keep your account secure.
8. You can also customize the donate bar to enable donors write some comments.
9. Select No radio button for customer's shipping address and click Create Button.
PayPal will create the code string for you to copy it and put on your website through Java/HTML scripts.

Now Logout to your PayPal account.
10. Go to Blogger, Login.
Go to Design > Page Elements > Click on Add a Gadget link and choose HTML/JavaScript tab.

Paste the above generated code into it and save. Before that just give your button name such as "Kindly Donate Us" or "Buy me a Coffee".

Your saved widget must now appear on your blog. Just keep its position such as to suit your site.

Notes: If you wish to put this bar on every posts you create now on, you need to manually insert this code into post's templates settings. Just go to Blogger's settings > Formatting and paste the donate bar code created from PayPal site into template box and save. If you click on New Post, you will see the donate bar codes inserted automatically.

If you wish to put this Donate button on specific blogger posts, and not on every post on your blog, follow these instructions. 

Follow above Step 9 and get your donate bar code. Go to Blogger post you wish to have donate bar on, insert the code into post editor in HTML mode. Save the post and publish it. Your post now must show this newly created Donate Us bar.

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