Get Maximum Likes And Build Powerful Fan Following on FB
It is a fascination to see thousands of likes on those popular websites. Having such likes is a difficult task even if your website has good content. Strong marketing skill and few tricks will certainly help you achieve this goal. 

But it won’t happen over the nights. One need continuous marketing of their blogs and websites to social networks, search engines, directories, email marketing and so on.

It is recommended not to show your likes on sites till it reaches some milestone. Till the time you can stay behind the scene and wait. Once it reaches some hundreds or thousands threshold, you can put it ON for all to see; otherwise, it gives a negative impression to readers. 

How to attract those readers to like your site? 

There are proven tactics and tips to make this surely happen.

Unique - Interesting Content

More sharper your content is more visitors and fan following you will get. This is simple mathematics to follow all over the web. Rest all is marketing concept. 

One cannot just imagine getting a thousand shares on some pet images even if they are beautiful, unless with some conceptual message behind it.

Post Updates at Regular Intervals

Just making posts nicely with great images is not enough. It seems quite a time consuming but if you wish to engage your readers seriously, you need to put updates on your regular posts so as to positively grab readers attention. 

As few readers among those many will actually read your content thoroughly, by putting updates (including good images), you can actually call them to like and Share your posts.

Post Planner is a great app to schedule Facebook posts to all your pages at some fixed interval. This way you don't need to remember to put updates all day and it will be slightly automatic.
Effective Use Facebook Tabs

FB tabs have solid impact on marketing businesses. Content-rich tabs will help your business get the most fan following. 

These tabs look very attractive and give much information in a quick glance. These also have a unique link which can be used anywhere on sites. There are 12 tabs allowed at the moment on Facebook branding.

Tintup is probably the best tool to create attractive rich content Facebook tabs.

Also See: How to create content-rich Facebook tabs?

Using Facebook Ads

FB Ads costs some money but it’s worth. You will surely get positive traffic from this. Stories posted through these ads grab quick attention from the relevant pool and hence boosts fan following, shares and likes. 

One of the most important tasks while creating FB ads is to think about target audiences, their gender, geography and bid price for ads. How and where to reach the visitors is critical aspect but not difficult. One needs to do some pricing study and bit properly to get the lowest cost for their ads through Facebook.

Page Insights

Tracking graphs when it comes to performance analysis is a must. You can actually see the numbers performing. 

Whether a text format works better or posts with video works best? What time of posting works best to gather more attention? All such questions can be answered through page insights. It works similar to Google Analytics.

Videos and Images in the Posts

Yes, this is really worth to mention. Videos and images attract visitors most. Image speaks more than thousand words, and that’s the reason you need them, all the time.

Using Tools

Crowdbooster and Sproutsocial is best apps to analyze your post's performance. They are easy to use and self-explanatory. They will give measurements such as number of visitors, number of shares and likes over the time scale and many other parameters.

Link Your Profile to Page

It looks simple but has a strong positive impact while getting attention. Why not someone will try to look at your profile if your content is attractive? That is the reason you can get more subscribers and fan following through it.

Blog Commenting

Facebook comment plug-in is a real gem to Websites and Blogs. It directly puts your profile and links on the third-party websites. Your page is seen with a link back to it. 

Probably many people will go to your pages instantly through this if they like your comment interesting and reading worth. Commenting on other Facebook pages will certainly boost your own profile branding. Write on other posts; review their content specifically relevant topics to your website. This will engage more traffic to your site.

Like Box Above the Fold

Like box is not mandatory but once you reach some milestone of likes, placing it on display of your site is much appreciated. More and number of visitors will see your likes and get engaged on your pages and further they will tend to like. 

Chances that they will like your site are higher if your article is worth and overall the site has enough potential.


Fan interaction is the most important. If you communicate with them successfully and engage with them, surely this will add a juice in your fan following and this can be done at absolutely zero cost.

Online Like Sharing Platforms and Sites

Many sharing platforms have emerged over a period of time to boost small online business. is a great example of it. You can create your profile and like some brands and see your own page is getting liked. 

Although it does not sound perfectly natural way to boost your online site promotion still it has its own advantage for newcomers.

Other sites include,,,, Some also ask access through the android app and the access token is made available to boost fan following of pages through their legitimate social promotion scheme.

You can surely take advantage of these initiations to take your site a great lift-off.

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