Use Animated GIFs in Facebook Comments and Pages
Posting an animated gif image on Facebook is a trick. As gif file sizes are more, Facebook does not want their pages to load slowly. However using some tricks explained below you can do this. GIF images are more common on Google+. Gif images attract users mind and they look more real in nature.

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Login to your Facebook account.

Open a "Public Group".

Upload GIF image using "Add File". Now Right click "Download" button and select "Copy link address". Use notepad to edit links safely. 

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Create Public Group and Upload GIF


Delete its extension and the last digit after '/'. as well as the download text.


Open your Facebook Notes and insert above code using New Note. Give a suitable title name. Before just put it in below code format.

<img src ="">

Publish your note and click on View. Now click on "here" and copy the link available in the web browser. Even if it is not moving just copy the link.

Create Note and Publish with GIF link


Use this link in below link
&href=Your Note URL Here

Just replace YOUR_NOTES_LINK_HERE with the link copied from the note above.

Use this modified link and paste it in the address bar.

Final link from Address Bar


This method will surely work on small GIF files and once someone clicks on it, they will be redirected to your Notes page.

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Update: Insert GIFs through successfully loop a GIFs on Facebook. Recently they came up with the new tabs on the website to directly share on facebook walls. Just have a look here.


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