Delete All Your Tweets At Once. Get Rid of Embarrassing Tweets!
Deleting past tweets may be a someone's requirement. For business or personal reason we may need to wipe out our previous presence on social networking and get a fresh start. Whether it is branding or business setup, a fresh account is necessary and that's the reason today we will learn to wipe all previous tweets on a Twitter account.

Make sure to take a backup because all your tweets are going to be removed permanently, so be careful. You can delete up to 3200 tweets with free or paid app. Instead of deleting all the tweets and making account blank, try to change the username of your account. This may solve the immediate purpose.

Twitter tweets

Also you can remove individual tweets which you feel very irrelevant or not required on display for some reasons. This may take some time. Following are some best available options.

Sign in to and click on "Get Started". It will not backup your tweets but will ask to keep your favorites, followers and following etc.

There is also an app available called Tweeticide at appx. $2.99 price on iTunes. This is a better option for smartphone users.


You will need to authorize TwitWipe app with Twitter to proceed. Just follow the simple tabs to get the process completed. It may take some days to completely wipe our all previous tweets depending upon the amount.

This app will wipe up to 1000 tweets per account and it is straightforward and easy.

delete all my

Go to, Sign in with your twitter account, agree on terms and authorize the app. Check on "Delete all my existing tweets before activating this schedule". Click on "Activate TweetDelete button".

Confirm the process.

Other Online Apps

2. DELETE TWEETS: DLTTR (available on iTunes for iPhone users)


Any other hacks? Kindly share with us.
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