What is Android Rooting? Advantages/ Disadvantages
Android Rooting is the process by which base system of the smartphone is restored while removing the entire the manufacturer's custom UI operating system. Rooting will help you explore those unlimited hardware and software hacks which are normally made hidden from basic systems. However, it is risky and not the most secure way to keep your smartphone healthy. See even Google's Pixel's full systemless root now achieved by Chainfire, according to Aarstechnica

The rooted device gives an administrative control to a device similar to as in windows operating system. With rooted you can just do anything and will have full access to your smartphone. You can install any third party application or unlock any limitations present on the hardware side. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of android Rooting.


# Custom ROMs 

Meaning, you can change the base user interface of your device to all new look. Most of the devices come with preloaded ROM and has their own limitations. If you upgrade your ROM, you will have many benefits. 

Right from speeding up your device to enhancing its battery life lot of improvements can be done. Such as shifting from one OS to another, custom ROM makes it possible with little more efforts. 

With this, you will be able to change the whole interface of your device. Many apps are made only to work on rooted devices (means they are not supported on preloaded ROMs).

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# Speedy Performance

Although it is risky to alter Kernel settings, many people nicely manage to do so by upgrading or changing the Kernel simply by rooting process. Although overclocking of the processor is risky, you can certainly achieve additional speed and performance. For costlier android phones, a custom unique interface is everyone's need.

People want their devices to look different and attractive. Whether it is an icon, colors, themes or styles on device's desktop, you can alter everything. The customized android smartphone looks completely different and hence rooting becomes a necessary evil.

To choose among many available ROMs, an Android XDA developer will surely help you find the most suitable version for you. With advance rooting and new ROM you will be able to port anything like MIUI, CyanogenMod etc. to enjoy all new level of free developments. Rooting will also unlock all the locked features related to NFC, USB tethering any many others.

Basic applications which come by default with smartphone manufacturers are sometimes annoying and always have some or other loopholes. You can get rid of them with rooted. With this, you will nicely free up some internal space and make your device lighter.

Dan Goodin, Arstechnica.com also explains how android phones rooted by the most serious Linux escalation bug ever, which is worth reading.


Well, there are few bad counts. You will lose warranty if you root your device.

# Hardware - Software mishaps are likely to occur if rooting if not done properly. (in case of power failure, sudden shut off etc.)

Manufacturers do a lot of R&D while designing their ROMs and android versions, modifying their settings to have our own looks and speeds may harm the original hardware-software combinations.


 Google Daydream View

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# Caution!

If you are less tech expert and easy go person, do not root your device with your own. Kindly get it done with help your friend or an expert.
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