Get CyanogenMod (CM, Custom ROM) Installed on Your Android Device
What is CyanogenMod?

CyanogenMod is a custom ROM developed for Android based phones. Even though it is an unofficial ROM, it has a great feel and much advantages. CyanogenMod 11 is most popular ROM to install and we recommend going for it currently.

Firstly it provides most up-to-date Android experience. It provides pure, stock Android interface with additional tweaks and friendly apps. It works free of ads and gives much faster and smoother performance. With integrated OTA (over the air) support you get quick updates without even flashing required.

With Superuser screen root permissions are allowed in Android Settings. No need to root while upgrading and you have ease of it with the Superuser access. Just put root access 'off' if you don't need it. Most of the custom Android devices does not allow a variety of themes, icons, animations etc; But it is pretty easy with CyanogenMod. Get a new look with this custom Android ROM.

Privacy guard is another great thing with this ROM. It has iOS style settings which control all the app permissions such as access to your location, contacts, private data etc.

The user interface on the desktop can easily be modified with this ROM. You can just rearrange all icons similar in iPhones and get tiles look more attractive.

Modifying buttons - This is an amazing option for phone lovers. Some may modify buttons for music preference or some for web browsers; it is simple and very productive. Just allocate the buttons to run specific tasks.

Using the keyboard to access cursor is another great tweak in this ROM. CyanogenMod has Trebuchet home screen launcher, Apollo music player, Terminal Emulator and much more.


CyanogenMod installer: This is an easy installer available currently in the market.
See here if your device fits into categories.

Install CyanogenMod - For Supported Devices

Wait, it will wipe out the old system and install all new OS to your Android device. So backup everything before proceeds.

Perquisites: An Android based device, Computer, Internet, Device Cable.
Follow these simple steps.

Go to Settings > Security. Make sure the 'unknown sources' box is selected. If it asks you to confirm, do it.

Put on the internet connection and go to, Click this link directly from the phone or tablet. It will start a download.

Once download complete you will see a file named 'Oneclick.apk'. Click on the install app and select Open after it completed. (Do not select Done.)

Now click on the same link from your laptop and download will begin. Once completed click on file and 'run' it when asked.

You will see a CyanogenMod logo and program will ask you to continue.

Just attach your lead to it and the program will finish. It will automatically start syncing with your device and the setup will continue. Enjoy your CM installed on your device.

For Unsupported Device: See Article on

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