Find Out Who Deleted You on Facebook Recently?
Being in touch with your friends on all over the globe is pretty easy with Facebook and other social media. But you would always like to keep a watch on who is deleting you from their list. With this it is easy to instantly know who have ditched you.

who unfriend me on facebook

Many times people use Facebook for marketing and sales purpose. With large friend network they target ads and emails for bulk messaging. For regular users like us it is important to know who have deleted from their Facebook network. is a very good site which instantly let you know about those people who have deleted you. This is third party site which uses facebook data to analyze the change. You just need to sign in with your facebook login details and site will guide your for the rest.

who deleted me website

This site also shows a statistics with graph for no. of friends added over the period of time. If you are using iPhone there is an app called “who deleted me.” This is a paid app but works great with full options. is great option to analyze which people have deleted you recently and you can find out the cause if it is necessary. Try to use the free site first as it gives enough results before going for paid app.

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