Google's Black Menu Extension is Great Add-on for availing Major Services Instantly
While 'Google Shortcuts', a great add-on was introduced for Mozilla firefox, its utilization was not so welcomed by the internet community. Each time user had to go to Google's homepage to launch favorite service. This add-on was intended to get easy access to those many useful and popular Google services such as Maps, Bookmarks, Blogger, Feedburner, Buzz, Finance, Gmail and many other utilities.

google black menu extension for chrome

The easy solution Google recently brought us is the 'Black menu' for Chrome browser. It is a simple extension which contains a wide range of services/menu which can be accessed instantly with a single click.

How to install and use Google's new 'Black Menu' Extension?

Black Menu Add-on is freely available on developer's website or on Google play store.
Click here to download from Googleplay store.

Click on authorization such as add to chrome etc. buttons to install it to your web browser.

While you click on the add button on play store it will be added to your browser and a new button will appear on the browser top.

Clicking on the Black Menu button, it will open the shortcut links of all the Google services.

Now click on the newly added button and it will display a list of currently available services and you can instantly go to them. If you click on Feedburner, it will open a new page with Google's

Google's Black Menu is a powerful add-on or an extension currently available and you do not need to type in the service addresses again and again. All you need to do is to click the button and go to the desired utility. 

This extension is highly productive for those who constantly need to avail those services and have wider social and internet presence.

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