Get Recycle Bin on Your Android Smartphone
Windows Operating and desktop computing have been developed far beyond normal reach and now it has all the productivity and security measures inbuilt. Smartphones are more or less still considered as an entertaining and phone calling device. Even though many of us use it for business or some serious work purpose, features such as accidently deleting files have no cure added by default.

Similar way we delete something on a desktop computer and recall some or other file later on, now on android it is possible to enable recycle bin feature. Using third party apps you can enable recycle bin feature. Whenever you delete any file or video on your smartphone, initially they will be dumped into recycle bin. As a regular cleanup process, you can delete all those unwanted files upon later review.

Android operating system doesn't have this feature included by default as it seems smartphones are still in a developing stage. As you start using your smartphone as a business device and use it for some serious work purpose, having recycled bin enabled is of a great productivity. You don't need to worry about missing your office files, bank detail files or any other saved work or images.

Get Recycle Bin on Android with Dumpster

Download and Install Dumpster on your Android device.

Dumpster - Recycle bin on Android

Once installation complete, open the app and accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

In setup page app gives a great feature to choose the selective files types which will go into recycle bin upon deleted. This is a key feature.

Click on Next.

'Allow Root Access' must be selected on rooted Android devices so that app works smoothly.

Dumpster Setup
Once you start using Dumpster, now you do not need to worry about accidently deleting files. Just launch the app, select the files you want to recover and hit 'Restore' button.

That's it. Enjoy your work and entertainment together.

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