How to Make Video From Audio File And Upload to YouTube
You may wish your loving one’s recently composed song may go live on YouTube. You can just publish your audio file to YouTube with a cover image of your choice. 

It’s pretty simple. All you need is a YouTube account and video file of your song. Before that, the file must be in video format.

Prerequisite: You need original composition or video. Do not copy someone else's made videos.

Just follow simple steps

Go to this link (Online mp3 to video converter)

Select your music file (select proper type converter from menus) from a desktop or the place where it is stored. Click Pick Mp3 and online program will convert it to a video file for you.

Now what you need is the cover image for your video. While processing the video a thumbnail of images will appear to choose from. Select pick your own image and select it. Click on Convert MP3 to Video.

Click on upload your own image and select it before your proceed to convert a file.

Download your file in FLV, MP4 etc file format.

Your video will be converted in a couple of minutes. Log in to your Youtube Account and click on upload button at the right top. You will be taken to video uploading settings. 

Disco Night Life by Hit Feelings Production


Your video is now live on YouTube! Enjoy your video.

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