How to Open, Edit & Save New Office Files in Older Versions?
If you are facing issues with .docx or .xlsx attachments got from your email or not being able to see or edit them, the reason is you have an older version of office and operating system.

A vast number of people including executives, businessmen, and home users are using Microsoft office files from a long time. After Microsoft Office upgrade came in news, the problem of their compatibility between older pcs became a major issue. Many times people started complaining about their office attachments are not workable.

With new developments and reduced file sizes due to new lossless compression technique, Microsoft came up with this 'x' extension file formats which are quite advanced and upgraded and these formats cannot be opened on widely used office versions such as Office 2003.

Since these formats are stored with lossless compression technique for lowering sizes you can change their extensions to .zip format and yes they will work fine as zip files.

Using Compatibility Pack from Microsoft...

With this issue, Microsoft came up with the easy solution. There is an Office compatibility suit supported for this issue. With this app, you can stay assure to open and edit newer extension files as well as older ones easily.

You can get on Microsoft Office support site here

Although the latest version of any software is advised to use, many of us have an older office and that’s why there is a need of this support. The new version of office files are definitely much better to use as their low size and great features are a concern, however using them on older versions became a big issue.

With this suit, you can also open/edit 'x' format files and save them to older version files for other's use.

Follow Routine... Set office to save files in old default formats.

If you do not wish others to follow these tricks and willing to send them old format files, set your word preferences to save files in old 2003 file formats such as doc and xls.

In Word > Go to Menu > Preferences > Go to Output and Sharing > Click on Save.

Click on Save word file as and select the format.

In Excel > Go to Menu > Sharing and Privacy > Compatibility > Click on Save files in this format and select your choice.

In PowerPoint > Go to Menu > Preferences > Click on Save icon > Save PowerPoint file as, do the necessary file format changes.

Using Online Converters

If you are willing to use the already received email attachment with .docx or .xlsx file and have older office versions, you can instantly get their older converted copies using these converters. These are handy and easy to use.

Just google, 'convert xlsx to xls online'. (Similar to other formats such as pptx, docx etc.)

Support for Google Docs

Google docs no more support for older office file formats, In that case, download the files in newer file formats and use any above-mentioned methods to use them.

Labnol says if you email your google docs file as an attachment to yourself, you will get it in old format downloaded.

Rename the .docx file as a .zip file and then extract it using any program such as WinZip and the extracted folder will contain the document.XML file which can be opened in any browser to see the complete content as a text file. Extracted folder will also contain images if any.

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