USB Drive Showing Up Errors, Blank Even if Data Stored (Virus Issues)
You may have come across the issue of showing your pen drive blank even with having data stored recently. When you right click on the USB drive it shows the MB’s filled but while you open it shows blank! Wait, it is a virus thing we are talking about.

In such case try to run following command.

start > Run > cmd
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

Just replace 'h' with your drive location. Hope it worked.

Try local windows settings - Sometimes virus converts files to appear as system files. Do the following.

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If above doesn't work try Windows Control option settings
Go to Tools in windows > tools > Folder options
Choose 'View tab'
Unselect "hide protected operating system files (Recommended)"
Click Ok and it’s done.

Using Data Recovery Softwares
If you feel your data is gone, you can use data recovery handy software such as Recuva or some custom (just Google for best data recovery software)

These recovery software can recover accidentally deleted files, files missing or not showing up due to virus issues etc. Most of the time if data clusters have not been replaced with the latest data or overwritten, they can be recovered easily. In-depth search can get most of the missing data back safely.

Most of the time people store their important work data, information on business visits, data while traveling, photographed images, audio video files etc. on the pen drives. (also called as thumb drives, flash drive, USB drive, memory stick etc.)

Also see How to use Recuvato recover accidentally deleted files.

iCare Data Recovery is yet another software which will help you recover deleted files from all type of discs. It is a rather best solution when the error shows up as 'not formatted error'.

If USB drive is not shown in My Computer - 
Sometimes windows do not recognize the drive even after inserting healthy or new pen drive into USB slot.

Solution - Go to Start > Run type diskmgmt.msc and Enter.

Select USB drive, right click and change the letter and path.
Change the drive names and letters as per your choice.

Select the drop-down menu letters and clean their pre-allocation.

Once done, your computer will surely recognize the new pen drive after reboot.

USB Device is not showing up in Windows 8
It also appears as 'USB devices not charging properly' or they do not show up at all.
Solution - Press Win + R button and type devmgmt.msc and enter.
Your devices will show up in Human interface devices or Universal Serial Bus Controllers section. Just expand it and they will be shown up.

Right click on 'USB Mass storage device' and click on properties.
Go to Details tab > Device instance path > write down the listed entry in wordpad or notepad. 
Again go to run > type regedit and enter.

Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\<Device Instance Path>\Device Parameters

Now enter above-copied usb address in notepad into this line after USB\

In right of Device Parameters key look for DWORD named EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled - must show '1'. Double click and make it 1 if it is '0' by default. Restart the computer and it must work.

Disable the Autorun for external storage devices -
Most of the time computer gets affected with autorun with external drives.
This is mostly occurring phenomenon due to multiple and unsafe location logins.

If you have installed antivirus and it has successfully cleaned virus from pen drive, still you may get a message such as "Unable to open pen drive or getting open with a warning".
This may happen due to the fact that the autorun entry for that virus is still present.

Cannot remove pen drive safely or showing error while stopping the drive - 
This usually happens when some or other files from the drive are still being used or using the computer temporary memory. Wait for some time or force stop the usage of the drive.

The message is shown as 'The device 'Generic volume' cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later'

In such case, your running files from USB drive needs to be unlocked. Try using this software (USB Unlocker) which will list all running programs and force them to stop. 

Prevent unauthorized drive access - 
MyUSBOnly is great software which instantly notifies you when some unknown device is connected to your PC. After installing MyUSBOnly whenever a drive is connected it will ask a password to proceed. The first time it has default password as 000 and all you need to do is to reset it once.

Later on just add the drives list into a safe list and a program will give you device usage log every time USB is used. 

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