Dmail Add-on : Recall Emails in Gmail & Let Them Self Destruct As Well
Making mistakes in emails is a common phenomenon and often we feel that message would have been deleted. This is simply possible with new Dmail add-on for chrome available now.

Dmail gives a full control of the emails sent to Gmail users by letting them add self-destruct timer. Also, they can now totally revoke the access to already sent emails to the recipient.

A new Gmail Add-on is a superb tool to recall or even self-destruct the emails sent with a wrong recipient or someone with unwanted data. Dmail allows users to set specific time after which a read mail will delete by itself say even after hours or weeks. Also, the user can revoke access to already sent mail with a simple click and making them completely unavailable to the end user.

This is a strong feature that may have appeared long back and Google has also recently made a note by adding similar 'Undo Send' feature to the Gmail Inbox settings which allows users to cancel message up to 30 secs.

The team which created social bookmarking site 'Delicious' is behind this 'Dmail' chrome add-on. These self-destructing timers will also be implemented on files such as word, excel, PDFs etc. in near future.
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