Download Android Package (.apk) App file Directly from Google Play Store
Google is everywhere nowadays and its presence is like breathing air to the internet world. Just try to imagine life without Google products. Internet world will fall into a dark pit with a lack of information and data.

With vast data management and superior user interface, Google has become a successful world leader in data processing and related services. Google is one of the most advanced technology company which provides data, tools, software and security in all directions of internet and technology. With a day to day constant upgrades and new things coming, we feel it’s important to stay updated with everything at once place.

This information article roll will keep you in constant updates with latest upcoming tips and productivity related to all Google Services.

One of the repeatedly asked questions is How to download Android Package (.apk) file directly from Google Play store?

Yes, pretty simple but important question. As such there is no direct provision to do so, however, third party extensions such as ‘APK downloader’ on Chrome browser will surely do that for you. All you need to install this extension on your browser and allow access.

apk downloader logo in address bar

This extension is necessary when an Android user have no internet access and wish to install some new app. Click here to download APK downloader extension.


After installation, you will need an email and your ‘Device ID’
To know your device ID follow these steps.
You can get it from this Device ID app.
Or dial *#*#8255#*#* and it will open GTalk Service Monitor. Now look for lines showing JID and Device ID. Your device id will be right after android –

It shall look similar to android-110022998asdfghkl then your device id is 110022998asdfghkl.

gtalk service monitor to get device id

An ‘apk download’ icon will appear in an address bar, just click on it whenever you go to android market and trying to download an apk file.

apk downloader button in address bar
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