Install 2 WhatsApps on Your Single Android Smartphone
Running multiple WhatsApps on a single android phone may sound wearied idea, but some of us may need it for work or privacy reasons. This WhatsApp trick is very useful for those who have a business need and or have a large network.

Installing multiple WhatsApp on a single device is not legal yet but with some or other tricks it can be achieved easily. In this article, you will find the easiest way to install two WhatsApps on the same device without even a need of android root.

use two whatsapp on same device
An Android device with two SIMs (Rooted or non-rooted both works)
Internet Connection

Follow these Steps
Open OE WhatsApp and take conversation backup by going to settings.
Now clear all previous data. (Settings > Applications > Whatsapp > Clear Data)
Rename Whatsapp to OGWhatsApp in your SD Card.

rename whatsapp folder

Uninstall the Whatsapp from your device.
Download latest OG WhatsApp Apk file.

Just install it as regular way. Enter your old WhatsApp number (Which you are using in first WhatsApp) Now verify your number and you will see all previous conversions available.

Just go back relax and download WhatsApp again from Google play store or from this link
Create a new account in which you wish to use the second number.

Here you need to verify your new number. (second one)
It's done!

Even if this sounds crazy, if you follow above procedures carefully you will get two accounts installed correctly.

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