Apple iPhone Tips: Do You Know Your Phone's Capabilities?
Apple iPhone 5S worked pretty well in the market in around 2013. Apple iPhones are highly productive and have earned much reputation all over the industry. If you know these tips you will certainly use your phone wisely with its full capabilities.

How to Import Contacts from One phone to another?
Contacts are the important part of our business/work/life. Some even have over thousand. It’s a hassle to note down all of them, choosing between them or randomly searching for missing ones. Rather if you could take backup of all your contacts to new device, it would be a very pleasant activity.

Confirm below windows autoplay settings:

Windows > Click Start > Control Panel, then type "autoplay" on the search box. Click the AutoPlay, and mark the check box Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

choozurmobile, sync contacts safely

All major brands now-a-days comes with pc suite. Connect your device (using USB cable) > system will ask you to install suite with pop up window & phone software will open.

Go to Contacts and follow the instructions to transfer or backup all your contacts. 

Importing SIM contacts to phone and visa. versa sometimes causes double entries and need to remove them manually. Instead pc suite is better option. If you wish to stay 100% sure about all your contacts safe, try apps such as GroupQ, iContacts Manager, STL Contacts Manager, Gist, ContactsTap (for apple devices) & ExDialer & Contacts, Contacts+, Go Contacts Pro, Contakts, PixelPhone, Groupy, Quick Contact (for Android).

If you have a large business or sales field work, you can surely go for Evernote, CRM Mobile, CompanionLink, Square, Google Maps and Navigator, HopStop, Xpenser.  

How to Import Movies on iPhone?
Copying movies on iPhones is as easy as transferring music through iTunes.

Just click on movies tab, while your phone is connected to pc through iTunes.
Check the box near to movies and choose the folder to sync.

choozurmobile, transfer movies on iphone

Click on "Automatically include (all) movies" button. Select 'Move' next to any rented movies if you have. Click apply.

How to Save Battery on your iPhone?
Saving battery life is important for those who want to use their devices for long hours or willing to use as long as they can. 
Follow these thumb tips.

save battery life of iphone

Use Airplane mode when you don't want to use your phone. It will shut off all Wi-Fi networks, operators signals etc. e.g. while you sleep at night.

Push Notifications, Bluetooth can be kept off while not in use.

Turn off vibrate if not necessary. May be when playing games etc.

Keep your device's volume low. This will surely save some battery.

Reduce screen-lock timer to save display power.

3G uses more power than Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot. 3G considerably uses double power than using same phone on Wi-Fi. Believe it!

Inverting screen colours will considerably save display power.

Keep battery brightness to minimum as and when not necessary. E.g. afternoon time is great to keep brightness to lower. Auto-adjust will also work.

Always operate your device in normal room temperature areas as sun heat or hot surfaces causes battery to die quickly.

How to Invert Screen Color on iPhone?
If you wish to change the menu and tab colors, it’s easy with iPhone. Just go to general > click on settings > scroll to Accessibility and Switch on Invert colors.

invert colors to save battery and relax eyes at night, choozurmobile

This will change the color combination of theme. Just got different than normal.

How to Factory Reset (Hard Reset) iPhone 5s?
Caution: This method will wipe out all the data. Please take necessary files backup.

Follow below easy steps.
Go to "Settings" in iPhone.
Go to "General" option.
Click on "Reset" at the bottom of the screen.

Select "Erase All Content and Settings". You can also choose to wipe selective content.
Click Yes & wait till it finishes.

Now restart your phone, hold down the sleep/wake button till Apple logo appears.

Time Management & Personalization
You can create custom ringtones and vibration alerts for the few people including your family, loving ones and off course bosses. With this you can stay ensure to attack on your device or not while you are at middle of something important. e.g. If you are sleeping at office you will surely wish to avoid your wife's call as well at the same time.

Backup Plan - Use iCloud
You can take all the backup of your iPhone and iDevices to iCloud. Setup your iCloud in minutes and rest all stay relaxed if something happens to your phone. 
icloud for iphone - choozurmobile

Block a Caller - Yes it is available with latest iphones. If someone is seriously annoying you, your first step is to block him rather than telling to loving ones.

Respond with text - If you are in middle of urgent meeting, you can just click button that will respond with some text say "I am in meeting, will call you some later".

Search - If you know this tip, you will not only save your time, but gain lot of important information quickly at your finger tip. Wheather it is firstt-aid lookup or instant help line you can search almost impossible on Google.

Access Notifications from lock screen
This is again cool feature to latest iOS, similar to Android you can access any notification without opening your phone. 

An article on has lot more small tips on iDevices to speed up your daily.

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