How to Create Facebook's CTA (Call-To-Action) Pop-ups?
Call-to-Action button may be a serious gain for business owners and website developers. It creates a strong impression when someone visit your site. Although this feature is not yet available for all countries, it is strongly recommended to have one on your site asap.

Call to action pop-ups are highly attractive and quickly grabs visitor's attention. Most of the cases it forces their mind to click on it. Many sites have already started using this feature on their home pages. Whether it is like us button, subscribe us or sign up they all work pretty well in their respective areas.

Why do I need to do this? Well Facebook's CTA is free. Secondly, you can gain much from it if used wisely. Instead of user click on your conventional like or share buttons again by locating them on pages, if something interesting block pop's up and ask for an action, results will surely differ and in some cases may be very positively.

CTA will certainly boost your Facebook branding and popularize faster. Both desktop and mobile users can use this feature. Depending upon the operating system CTA will redirect to a relevant site. e.g. app promotion to direct to the relevant site says iTunes, Google play, windows phone etc.

Currently, Facebook allows 7 types of CTA buttons. These are Shop now, Book now, Contact us, Use App, Play game, Sign up and Watch video.

Steps to Create CTA button

Log in to Facebook and Go to your business or brand's page. 

There is a button "Create a Call-To-Action" button on the right bottom.

A pop-up will appear, select from choose a button > Add directing link to it and click Next.

You will need to fill options such as mobile OS or desktop version. Click next.

Now Click Create. Once you refresh your page CTA pop up which you created will appear. In settings you can also monitor its complete statistics over the period of time.

Even if this is not a very promising way to boost your fan following, certainly it will help you advertise more efficiently at no cost.

Hubspot blog has created excellent Call-to-Action templates if you are looking for specific design.

Recently Facebook and Shopify announces beta test for "Buy" Call-To-Action button. By staying on Facebook page visitor can purchase things online. Currently, Shopify merchants are expanding.

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