NASA Confirms Straight 15 Days Total Blackout on Earth. HOAX?
So, Its a HOAX.. HA HA ..... 

Admin, 19 Nov. 2015, 11am.

Nasa has confirmed about the shocking 15 days total blackout on Earth in November 2015. Could it be just a hoax?

According to research such event occurs in a million years once. This will happen exactly from November 15, 2105 Sunday at 3 a.m. till November 30, 2015 Monday 4.15 p.m.
Although most of us may feel this is very different and fun situation, most of the rural and sub-rural areas and day operations will get seriously affected.

A very serious question of day and life without sun rays is still to be analysed. Can you think of the bad things which may occur due to total blackout?

Charles Bolden - NASA head, have issued 1000 page document related to this event to White House.

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