Schedule WhatsApp Messages Easily with Apps
As WhatsApp is gaining more and more popularity, android developers have started creating something interesting for us. Do you know if your Android Phone is rooted you can schedule your WhatsApp messages to sent on specific time? Yes, it could be very useful as you might want to greet your special one with special message again at a very special time. 

Android rooting is a jail-breaking process similar to those who might know about how people were used to unlocking their iPhones in early 2009 to gain access to unlimited apps and games. To know more about what is Android rooting? read article here.

The major disadvantage is you will loose manufacturer's warranty due to rooting, but surely gain access to the entire android system and ease of modifying hardware settings. 

An App for this is called, "WhatsApp Scheduling App" and it is easily available for download. (If you find this link broken after some days search it on

Once downloaded, locate the apk file for installation and give it a "Superuser permissions' when asked.

Now click on pencil icon in front of Pending messages and Select contact or group to whom you wish to schedule a message. Just compose your message with attachments if any and enter time. Your message then will be shown in Pending tab. Once these sent to specified time to the recipients you will be notified in the notification bar.

Seebye Scheduler ROOT is again an app recently available for the same purpose. It is free and supports latest Android Lollipop operating system.

Enjoy your whatsapp chats with more fun. Do you have more tips or apps seen? Let us know in below comments.

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  1. Being able to schedule WhatsApp messages can be useful for so many reasons. It's nice to know that this feature is available.


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