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Bubblews gives you an opportunity to simply earn through your own valuable posts. A content which is just above 400 characters or 4 to 6 sentence in length can generate a legitimate income for you. It started in Sept. 2012 by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs Arvind Dixit and Jason Zuccari. Even though being criticized by few many online reviewers, still it is a recommended way to try as a good source of income.

Bubblews Site Dashboard

How Bubblews work?

Creating profile and post is as simple as making a Facebook or Twitter account. Register for Bubblews here. Just select write, upload your photo or use color tab, write with "Add a title", make at least 4 to 6 solid sentences or review and hit a post. Bubblews will share a penny for your thoughts when each time your post will be seen or followed.

We often learn through internet, TV shows, news, education and have much knowledge about the regular topics. Most of the time things are of our interest or we simply have an idea to share, then why not to speak out our thoughts? These comments will surely help those who need it, and that’s how things work with Bubblews. 

If you have a brief knowledge about a subject and have made valuable comment/post, it will be seen, shared and liked faster on social networking sites. Bubblews will share their advertisement revenue with all of their members. Likewise for every view of your commented page, Bubblews will pay you say 0.01 cent depending upon the value set for that country. In some countries, they pay low. But it's okay.

All you need to do is to stay connected with members, comment on their posts, avoid scam such as "I loved this post and I have shared it bla.. bla..". Share these posts with your comments on Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, and move to other topics - say at least 5 posts a day and not more than 10 for the same day. That’s all you need to do. Limited work and it will surely generate an optimum output!

Certainly there must be some rules

Posting bad content, copying, abusing, trying to use traffic exchange, bots, proxies, VPNs, non-English material, short sentences below 400 characters are strictly not allowed. In all other cases if you are relevant to the topic, you will be awarded as per the topic's interest and quality of your comment/post.

Is it a SCAM? - Answer is "NO"

Some cases explain that they just denied payments simply mailing as "posting rules were violated". Well, such rules are always there while working online. Whether it is Google AdSense or an Amazon Affiliate program your will be fired if you have done something funny. Just be cautious using their systems and it will be safe. Another trick is to withdraw your payments at regular intervals, which will boost your confidence and help you go positive all time with your post. 

There was some period where their income earnings were reduced than their pay-outs. This created a big unsustainable payments issue and members suffered through the pay-out process. So in short they were the victims of copywriters and scammers.


There is surely some malaise in the community about the process, but if you are good with you general knowledge, have enough sources to answer, making posts on any topic is not at all difficult. As said before, try to take out your income on a monthly basis to stay away from any pay-block for any reason. You can stick to the basic plan and make Bubblews as a good source to generate good income with your regular efforts.

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