Combine Major Cloud Storage Services Using Single Login
There are plenty of online services coming up to tackle the issue of handling multiple cloud accounts with a single login. Storing a large amount of data to the online cloud is a recent need, but searching files within entire database become a tedious task.

Whether it is a personal cloud account or an enterprise's online storage, files access is messy. Below are some excellent resources available for combining all cloud services together.

Combine Cloud Storage Services With Single Login

MultCloud - Its a free web application with support for major services such as Dropbox, Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive etc. One of the great features is you can combine multiple accounts with the same service. e.g. You can use two Dropbox accounts and can have total 10GB of space to use with MultCloud. That's great isn't it? See full review

Jolidrive and CloudKafe are good options. These have a browser-based user interface. Jolidrive also has an app which supports idevices but no support for Android OS, while CloudKafe does not support mobile apps at all.

Jolidrive (Jolicloud 2) supports as many as 28 major cloud services and hence best among many options. It works on its own JoliOS operating system. With this still, you cannot do a universal search, meaning you cannot search single file from all accounts. You will need to select a cloud platform e.g. G-Drive and hit the search query. Jolidrive allows G-Drive files for editing and saving, no other.

CloudKafe - It combines as good as major 19 services and works pretty well compared to other major services. It has an ability to search across all the platforms. With CloudKafe you can move files within platforms. It also allows you import contacts from Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn accounts.

Otixo - Another famous service is Otixo, which combines almost all currently available cloud storage services. It's 14 days trial is free with later on registration costs as good as 40$ only for a lifetime membership. Within files transfer is easily possible again with support for mobile apps (without editing). Mobile App costs appx. 10$.

CloudHQ - Combines Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive with email clients such as Gmail with Basecamp, Evernote. Basecamp needs a premier account where for Evernote support it needs its business version.

Cloudfuze - Combines Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugerSync and FTP with web-based Windows Desktop and Android platform. The price tag of $50/year with 30 days free trial.

PrimaDesk - From the same team which launched ZoneAlarm. It is considered to have better security. It combines all major cloud storage services as well as email, social media, and photo sharing services. It's free service allows 10 cloud accounts and 1GB storage capacity.

Gladinet - Combines major cloud services currently available with the desktop management interface. It has a price tag of 7$.

CarotDAV - Combines FTP, WebDAV, Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and SugarSync via a Windows desktop client.

Cloudii or CloudCube - (Alternatives to individual cloud Android Apps) - Cloudii is a cool Android App which combines Dropbox, Drive, Box and Skydrive. You Can set sync. schedules and backup your account. It comes with 14 days free trial. CloudCube is a single app which combines all other android cloud support apps. It supports two-way download and uploads with automatic sync. and much more.

Hojoki - Combines as much as major 13 cloud services. It comes at no price (free) with major support and it also has iOS and Android apps available.

Mover - Files movement is a key function of this interface. As far as moving files are concerned it supports WebDav, Yandex, S3, SmugMug, MySQL and Sharepoint.
It has a price tag of 60$.

ES File Explorer - It is free and full featured file manager. It supports local as well as network use. It is one of the best Android file managers till date.

Howtogeek has an excellent article about capabilities of ESFileExplorer. It includes the batch renaming of files and folders, folder properties change, creating zip files, mount USB drive on Android device, stream video from an Android smartphone to Chromecast, encrypted file/folder protection and much more.

FolderSync - It enables quick sync to cloud systems from any local folders on device SD cards. It is continuously enhanced for more cloud supports.

RainbowDrive - (Win8 support) - It has a great user interface specially designed for Windows 8. It is freely available in Windows store. It combines Dropbox, Google Drive, and Skydrive at a single location.

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