Create an Enough Strong Password Using Basic Rules
More often we get tired of creating strong password and land up in some hefty long or simple easy ones. To avoid serious data loss and stay away from internet hackers one must keep a practice of changing their password after certain intervals, again ensuring use of different combinations.

Creating strong untraceable password may not be a tedious task than remembering it! Therefore creating it in a creative way is only best solution.

Learn to create a strong password using basic thumb rules.

Do not use short passwords with single letters or numbers. This would be very easy to guess and welcoming for hackers.

Try not to use the same password for different accounts. If you do not want to remember too many passwords then simple trick would work as adding something related to that website to your password.

E.g. If your main password is gorilla998, then on may try gorilla998@face for their facebook account, gorilla998@twit for twitter/ twitgorilla998 and so on.

Now a day’s most of the genuine websites do not allow you to use same character series in passwords found in your usernames. Make sure never to use username combinations in your passwords.

Most of the time adding values such as #@$%^ often generate enough strong passwords.

Avoid using dictionary words in your short passwords-
E.g. myname0000(birthdate) - one can easily guess this combination with a slight hint. Be aware!

Use prefix/suffix in your password combinations. Use numbers in place of some characters, e.g. "0" instead of "O" etc

Use on-screen keyboards to ensure key loggers do not steal your typed data. Many incidents have occurred where tool attached to a keyboard connector collects user's typed data. And yes, it is possible. (Cybercaf├ęs)

Leetspeakers - In this, user inherently uses numbers on the place of letters. More often leetspeakers tend to create short passwords thinking they are safe, but it can be easily hacked.

Never save passwords in any online web forms and use your personal information in passwords in any way such as birth date, common years etc.

Never communicate your passwords with others and write them at common places.

If you want to use absolutely secured password, create one with an online password generator. Some of the best selling sites listed below. These are some open source password generating websites which do not keep track of your passwords in any way. For this, you may need password management tool to ensure you recall them easily.

2. SteveGibson's Perfect passwords (
3. Ironkey Identity Manager
4. PCTools
5. GoodPassword
6. Multicians

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