Google Forms - Collect Responses for Surveys, Emails and Much More
Collecting emails from a large group of students or a relevant social network or even from company's employees may be a slightly difficult task if carried out with paperwork. Instead, a Google Form will efficiently make all the necessary work for you.

Google Forms - Collect data easily
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Using Google Form to collect email addresses - 

Share the Google form link with all those people who are the participant. You can send this link to them using Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google hangouts. You can also use QR code (scanned devices) - For this, they must have QR scanner installed in their devices.

Keep a note for people as to enter a valid email address and do proper entries by going into email field and checking for data validation. e.g. (Any other characters which are not suitable will fail in data validation)

Share Google forms Short Link to Public or Network
source: google forms
Copy the file to a server so that every individual can access it easily. Also, use shortened URLs so that smartphone online users can easily access it by hand typing. You can also use Google URL shortener extension here for any other work.

Collecting Emails from Google Form to Computer -

Copy all the emails data to a spreadsheet e.g. Name, email address etc. fields. Download the new spreadsheet as CSV file.

Go to Gmail > Contacts > More > Import.
Choose the earlier saved CSV file and rename the group as per your requirements. 
E.g. Technovan Employees.

This way you can gather the relevant people's initials and email information easily with great efficiency and saving time. 


Logic Branching in Google Forms- 

In this user is taken to another page depending upon his response. Say for example if you are filling out a survey and user selects a particular country option, he will be then taken to relevant survey page suitable to his location.  

You can smartly use Google Scripts with spreadsheets to play with data, for that you need to Google some relevant tutorial. Other features such as Self-Grading quiz,  Pre-filled URLs, Page breaks are of great help. More importantly, if you are using Google form on your website as a form to fill, make sure its window sizes are enough and attractive. (Custom iFrame sizes). Set notifications properly as and when someone respond through a form.

Integrate Google Form with Google Spreadsheet - 

There is a tab named "Integrations". Click on that and go through Integration wizard. Simply allow the permissions and your integration is ready. If you connect your Form to a Google spreadsheet, integration will create a link which will generate updates done on your form.

If you have more Google form tips do share here.

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