Have You Heard about Google AdSense Premium Publisher Account?
Google AdSense pay-per-click program is widely accepted worldwide by most of the websites and blogs. Even if AdSense approval is not a very easy process, people wish to have AdSense ads on their sites. Alternatively, there are a number of other ways available to earn revenue from advertisers such as affiliate programs, Sponsored reviews, BuySellAds, Yahoo Bing network contextual ads and much more.
AdSense Premium Publisher Account
Google is among the most favored brand in this race. They not only have largest Ad inventory but better revenue schemes and hence ranks at the top. AdSense is also a better choice than affiliates just because if your site’s organic ranking drops at a certain time; it directly impacts your affiliate model and earnings. With the Google AdSense, earning becomes absolutely stable and unassailable.

With recently launched Google’s AdSense Premium Publisher Scheme, site owners can get much flexible AdSense options which normal publishers are strictly forbidden to practice. Google has their own rules and regulations. With Google job becomes way straightforward. If your website is creating heavy traffic, Google will most probably offer you a Premium membership from their side. Well, it is hard to believe that if you are a normal site owner, you cannot get premium publisher approval.

Benefits and Perks

There are many, you can get rid of ‘Ad by Google logo’, Ad Customization with advance targeting, Ads in Adult and Casino related sites, Account Manager for your site, Ads even on ‘no content’ or ‘forbidden’ pages, Dedicated optimization and technical support, Negotiable pay-per-click ratios and advanced monetization schemes.

If Google likes your site's publicity and heavy traffic, they are likely to offer you premium publisher account. Meaning if your site has a higher ranking and huge visitors you can apply for it. With this site owners can get great flexibility for ad placement and best output from their ads.

"Google has a premium AdSense service exclusively for websites who receive more than 5 million search queries or 20 million content page views per month."

On a thumb rule at least a million page views per month, daily traffic of at least 20 thousand page views, 100 to 200 thousand search queries per month (that’s 5 thousand a day) and higher Google page rank of at least 3 is required. Most of us feeling frozen by now, well that’s a fact! So, wish you luck in your website and advertising success.

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