Infolinks Publisher Program - A Strong Affiliate Marketing Scheme
Making money from a site or a Blog is a very professional way of putting your hard work through your consistent writing skills regularly. Programs such as Google AdSense, CJ Affiliate Marketing, Infolinks text-link advertising, BuySellAds, and reviews are mostly preferred ways to generate reliable income through websites. Most important thing for reaching a good milestone is to create considerably niche content again which are highly relevant to the topic.


Basically, Infolinks offer in-text advertising which we have already seen on many blogs and it is considered as the best alternative to Google AdSense. Affiliate marketing which is the same fundamental they are currently offering in addition to their regular text-link program. This involves referring visitors to join their publisher’s marketing scheme.

Many of us already know that Infolinks offer network ads which generate passive income by having clicks on their link ads, but their recently launched referral program is a good start if you are looking for a better affiliate alternative and as a primary source.

Infolinks Publisher Referral Program -

Currently, they are offering a unique referral scheme which will give you referral's 10% of commission for up to 12 months of period. More and more of your blog readers join their network, more money you will make through the referral. Infolinks program works as simple as making 10% of total earning of your referral's yearly income from any publisher that you refer.

Meaning if you make 10 people to join this network through your advertising, you will simply make 10 x 50$ (their earnings per month) = 500$ and 10% of 500$ = 50$ without doing many other efforts.

Similar to Amazon Associates or Commission Junction's publisher account, you will need to create Infolinks publisher account. Once approved, you can create your referral ID and Link to advertise live on your sites. You can embed this link for your viewers through the banner, review posts etc. Once a reader or blog lover successfully joins Infolinks network through your ad or review, automatically you will start generating money from part of their earnings.

Is it AdSense friendly? - YES

Surely you can use infolinks ads with your already placed AdSense ads. You just need to make sure the blocks does not collapse and basic visibility of your posts satisfy the AdSense's basic rules such above the fold, ads on sidebar bla.. bla.. Again if you put multiple client's ads on your thin content pages, you will do a crime. Refer Infolinks faqs.

Famous Indian blogger Amit Bhawani ( reviews infolinks premium publisher program and suggests a low income compared to other affiliates.

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