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Why is Friendly SEO Web hosting necessary? Once you create a blog and start updating, you go through all the stages such as fewer visitors, less no. of views for your posts blah… bla.. 

After a certain period of time, your blog starts becoming popular with your content and it’s a time you need to apply for AdSense or other pay per click & affiliate programs. 

After getting approval for the ads, you can display them on your site so as to start earning. Depending upon your content, pay per click Ad services offers suitable ads. 

On other hands, if you look for an affiliate programs, you need to choose the merchants which suit your need and offer higher commissions.

A free hosted blog is a great way to start a Blogging journey, however, once your site starts becoming popular, you may need a professional website with a good domain registrar. Our previous domain was hosted by blogger and while we moved to, the overall experience is slightly different and say better.

It is easy to get a domain registered using many services available. Best of them currently include Arvixe, InMotion Hosting, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, iPage, Bluehost, JustHost, GreenGeeks, WebHostingPad and much more to count.

You may like Amazon Affiliate program may suit best to your site's niche

In this article, we will explain to you how to set a new domain on Dreamhost site. They have fast DNS service, offer better stability with prime security options. Whether it is blog-to-custom domain transfer or inter-domain transfer, Dreamhost serves well. 

Once you visit the site, you will be asked to search for the keyword (site name) you wish. If it is not registered already, you can proceed to buy it. Once purchased and confirmed its entries through the email you need to add DNS settings to the DreamHost panel to activate its redirect and smooth propagation.


Go to settings and click Publishing Section.

Click on the link which says ‘+ Setup a third-party URL for your blog’. Once you enter your new domain e.g. and hit save, a pop-up will appear saying its an error. Google will give you CNAME settings to enter your new domain hosting site.

DreamHost Panel Settings

If you just have Dreamhost domain following things need to be done.

In the Manage Domain section, you will see your newly registered domain name. In that section, locate ‘Parked Domain’. 

Click on Edit below it and remove the parked status and make it ‘DNS Only’. This will enable you to enter new DNS entries.

Once done click on 'DNS' below your domain name. Enter the following IP addresses which are identified as Google servers. You can remove Dreamhost’s by default provided IP at this stage. 

In 'Custom DNS records' you need to enter two CNAMES which you have copied earlier from Blogger settings and hit 'Add Record Now!' See the snapshot below.

Save the settings and wait till DNS propagate all over the web for your new domain. It usually takes 4 hrs on DreamHost but patiently wait for 8-12 hours. Even if you proceed it won't harm and it will ask you to wait.

Your next task would be to go again in a Blogger setting's publishing section, enter your domain again. e.g. and click save. 

This time, a redirect must appear with a new domain name and without any error box. If not - means your domain is not yet properly set or simply DNS settings were not entered correctly. Repeat all steps carefully and it shall work perfectly.

Next is to see whether everything is working properly on your new domain and blog is successfully transferred on new redirect. (this will take a day or so)

Why are my AdSense Ads not appearing on my newly transferred domain?

Well, Adsense's basic settings are for hosted accounts, such as Blogspot blogs. If you wish to use Adsense on custom domains, you need to apply and get approval from Google. 

See below snapshot. Once approved you will receive an email saying 'your new domain approved for displaying ads'.

If you still stuck somewhere you can instantly launch 'Live Chat' on Dreamhost's website. A representative will help you with all your doubts. 

Enjoy your new launch with Dreamhost's friendly SEO web hosting service.

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