Use Bananatag to Track your Sent Email Activities
Bananatag is a web browser extension which enables tracking of email activities such as when someone opens and reads your emails. It can smartly analyze when emails were read and links inside clicked by the user with a brief report on it. Marketers can measure their email promotion for what was effective and what wasn't? This extension is available for Google Chrome and Firefox and works well with Outlook, Gmail and many top email services.

Bananatag Email tracking

Keep in mind that it's free account can track only five emails for a single day. Moreover, you can track each service account once. e.g. you can track one Gmail, one Hotmail, one outlook and so on with single Bananatag account. But still worth, isn't it?

How to Work with Bananatag
Download Bananatag Extension here.

Simply install Bananatag extension on a browser. (Drag n drop extension downloaded file into browser's extension area) You will need to sign up on their site.

Sign in with your Gmail account. You will see Bananatag and Tag buttons added on a browser. With this, you can go to Bananatag dashboard and Tag options. Make sure to set proper time zones to your accounts. This is very important to create an accurate analysis.

Just hit tab button instead of send button for sending your emails and Bananatag will track its activity for you via notifications.

On Bananatag dashboard, you can track email's activity including their time of occurrence. On their blog, there is an excellent article for how to track emails and group them into folders for easy access later on. See here how to manage all the tracked emails?

Bananatag email tracking dashboard

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