Clickbank Marketplace - A Great Affiliate Source Online
ClickBank - They call it as "A Global Internet Retailer". It is an affiliate program which has good potential to generate up to 75% sale commission. They have a large database of digital products with less distribution cost hence being able to offer higher rates of commission.

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ClickBank is a platform for both products as well as an affiliate to work together. With your own affiliate links, you can advertise faster and earn money. It is a free and open network which welcomes any newcomer and even small businesses. If you own a product, ClickBank will easily offer you affiliate and take care for the rest of its marketing. What they will charge you is a little bit of sales commission from your sales.

Practically there is no bar or screening with ClickBank as they accept most of the offers and you can sell almost anything of your niche globally. You do not have to be expert to carry out these tasks and the entire program is way simple. Still there are a number of small products which often blocks up the speed and popular product's competition makes it way difficult to earn faster. Well, that is a universal fact but compare to an e-commerce platform, ClickBank is a bit costlier.

Sign Up for the Clickbank here. To search the products, go to Marketplace link at the top of their homepage. Once you select a product and fill the form, you will get your affiliate URL, that’s where you can start promoting.

How to Choose from large Digital Product Database?

Products which have higher gravity value are likely to convert better sales. Video sales and Native sales pages are likely to give better results. Low priced offers and offers up to 3 up sells are good to choose because they hit faster. Popular products with good reviews online are likely to get more attention and hence better sales. Points to be noted.

Do your own keyword research. Targeting right products which will satisfy your customer need is a key. There are certainly attractive products which will suit your website niche.

Ways to promote products other than Website, Email and Social Media

Article Marketing - ClickBank recommends article marketing. Although we don't believe much in article marketing as it requires very high SEO ranking.

Banner Promotions - You can surely place a banner at the bottom of your sale page. Rather than a banner at the bottom, a causal link in between the article will work more effectively.

Select Products which you know - Always ask yourself “Why should someone buy this?” Is it a worth buying product? Answering these questions will help you create your plan more effectively.

Using ClickBank as a Vendor - If you have owned eBook to sell, Clickbank is the best place to earn reputation. They will charge you $49 as a one-time fee for Vendor sign-up and eat 7% of your each sale.

Terms they widely use on ClickBank

Initial $/Sale: It is the average money an affiliate make per sale.
Avg %Sale: Percentage of sales price an affiliate earns on average.
Grav: It is the number that represents total affiliates which sold a particular product from last 12 weeks.
Avg %/Rebill: It is an average percentage of rebills paid to the affiliate.

Tips for Network users

Try to create new tracking id for each link you generate. This way tracking of them will become easier and to know better which pages/emails converted well.

Most of the times advertisers force their ad pages to visitors, this can rather be done positively via a convincing article or reasoning to readers as "why they must buy this product?". A very good technique but doesn't work all the time as some offers are for a short period of time such as pre-selling and this technique may not work enough strongly always.

Methods such as direct linking, banners, in content links, reviews are the places where marketers can push readers to buy products. The best example is "loose 15kg weight in just one week" on some health site with an affiliate link.

Best utilization of social networks - In today’s online market, building a strong social presence is of a great help for boosting traffic to your site. Your content must be highly shareable and link-able meaning your posts must go viral in the shortest time. Your sales pitch must be clean and wise, meaning you cannot simply fool people to read content and start forcing towards ad products.

Final Words,

Overall ClickBank is a very good program and certainly NOT a scam. Their payments are timely. If you are good at targeting traffic through your niche blog/website, ClickBank is surely a gold mine for you.

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