Don't Miss! Latest RSS Feed Directory Submission Sites 2016
RSS Directory Submission could be a wiser option in webmaster marketing campaign. RSS is very helpful to publishers, Bloggers as well as the Site owners as they get free advertising and referral traffic through regularly published content. Once you submit your site's RSS link to High PR RSS directories you will automatically get a boost in your traffic and backlinks. By the way, what is marketing?

A URL submitted on RSS directories will also get better attention similar to high PR blog directories. Hope you have your Site's RSS feed by now or get RSS Feedburner here.

You need to create an account on those sites and submit your feed. Every time you create a new post it will be automatically updated in RSS Directory.  You will be asked to submit your Feedburner feed URL (, XML feed URL which is your site's XML sitemap URL and your site/blog's URL. Once successful submission your link will be submitted to a number of social and high PR sites through content syndication. 

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Benefits of RSS Directory submission are endless for online site owners. Right from putting your links in search results to letting them be viral online, these high PR directories are the gold mine for us.

High PR Directories are basically for search engines database. They display your content links in their latest web system. As they have a large pool of users, your site links will most probably get instant attention. As publishers look for relevant information through these directories, you site may get healthy backlinks from those and create huge referral traffic.

Here are our high PR RSS Directory Submission Site list -
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PR2 -

PR3 -

PR4 - 

PR5 -

PR6 -

PR7 -

PR8 -

PR9 -


  1. I don’t know if this will affect for the blog, but it never hurts to try. In addition, I also choose directories which list good to submit. First, I’m reviewing their domain authority.

    Ashley Jones

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