Best Free Ping Sites For Your Websites & Blogs - Updated June 2016
Pinging is a protocol where sites use XML to inform remote servers about their updates. Ping can be used to get more traffic on new sites. It tells search engines and other high PR sites that the site is now updated and ready. It also informs RSS directories such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Technorati etc. about your new posts. Pinging will certainly boost your site to index at a faster rate. The best example of most popular blog directory is Technorati

Ping services notify search engines that your blog or site has been added with content or undergone a change and now it needs help in indexing. To get more visibility and hence more traffic to your site, these services help them ping-in freely into high PR sites and help them swim better in search results. Ping service is totally free and a must solution for a newbie. If you are in the process of developing your website, ping service will help you take a good leap.

On a Wordpress site, you have the option to utilize a plugin called "WordPress Ping Optimizer" which allow you to adjust the directory locations and how often you do it.


Just pinging your site through many services is surely not a bad idea but care must be taken if you are doing it randomly too often. Even WordPress has built-in pinging settings which work when a new post is created every time. WordPress users are also advised to use it with care if they are modifying posts many times within short time. By default in WordPress, Activate Update Services are off, but you can enable them anytime. 

Below are some high PR sites which allow promoting your site.

With these services, you will get some BOOST to your site in many search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. which you may need to submit manually everywhere otherwise. You may also like Latest High PR RSS Feed Directory Submission list 2015

Plugins to WordPress Users

Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Download here

  • It has best features such as it only triggers when a new post is created and not every time you edit existing post.
  • It has "Ping Services Now" button  with detailed logging.
  • For extended pings, it uses new post URL instead of the homepage, which help in a higher ranking link.
Reviewware (From MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer)

This is great plugin previously known as MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer currently requires user login and registration. Upon successful registration, you can download the plugin. It has great features such as new posts pinging, Limitation on excessive pinging in short time, Detailed logging with dedicated "ping now" button. Get it here

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