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Chrome bookmarks are used from a long time but online bookmarking was a special need for many; still it came in the market after a long waiting. With limitless internet capabilities, people are now saving their links, visited sites, on-going project work, liked pages bookmarked on their browsers. Here is the list of few best online bookmarking add-ons. All of them are web-based and freely available.
Bookmarks Anywhere

Bookmarks Anywhere is a Google chrome Add-on used to save all your bookmarks online. You can access your saved links on any device, smartphone without even having chrome installed. To access your bookmarks, just go to > sign in with your Google account. At current website shows some irregularity but once all the synchronization is done, it works pretty well. Whenever you edit or bookmark any site using bookmarksany, they automatically saved on chrome and viz. Versa.

Download from Google Web Store


Xmarks is another milestone if you are tech-savvy and constantly working on different websites. Rather than carrying your own laptop for your work seeking your pre-saved links, xmarks will cloud save all your online bookmarked stuff online. Now a day using multiple computers, cyber stations, office PCs are common. Again in cases where PC may fail loading due to some or another reason is always a risk. Considering all such factors online bookmarking becomes future need and Xmarks is very productive is taken seriously.

Remembering LastPass, a solution for saving all your online passwords, Xmarks add-on is another gift from the company. Xmarks works pretty well with major browsers and has a very stable design. You can automate syncing or do it manually with their control panel. Google's inbuilt syncing may clash with xmarks sometimes but disabling it would be advised to solve the purpose.

Xmarks works flawlessly if you use different browsers for your work and often change between different computers.

Download Xmarks for Chrome here, for FireFox here

There are other sites have came up providing online service. You can Google search them for any new one is coming in the market.


A great Mozilla add-on not only cloud store your bookmarks but also saves smart location, tabs, browsing history and passwords wherever you use firefox - laptop, smartphone, portable firefox etc. These files are stored on Mozilla Servers, so you do not need to worry about machine crash or any PC issues.


It is yet another web based a free online bookmarking facility available. Be careful, delicious bookmarks are public unless you click the option for private. Delicious is primarily made for sharing online content within your network. Instead of enlisting the saved sites in the tree format, it uses a tag-based system.


It not only saves your sites but annotates them, archives them and makes available to research with others. Diigo is available via their website, Diigo toolbar in firefox and also through chrome extension. It is also available on the bookmarklet.

Google Bookmarks

Google is also considerably the good option to save your bookmarks online with your all in one Google account. The links are kept private by default but can be made public or semi-public easily. Visit Site

Save to Pocket

Pocket works well on any device. It is a perfect bookmarking tool which is supported on major web browsers, mobile operating etc. The pocket is available on Google Chrome and Firefox. If you click on "Tick icon" in the browser, the open link will be automatically saved. Alternatively, you can also add tags to find them easily later. Its web interface will guide you through all the bookmarks and you can manage them on the go.

Support - Web browser extension, mobile apps, email, desktop application, web-based interface etc. Get it for chrome here

Dewey Bookmarks

You can easily manage all your bookmarks online. Dewey can collect all your chrome bookmarks and present in the easy card-based layout. You can also add tags and search them using keywords. It is powerful web-based bookmarking tool supported on Google Chrome. Get it for chrome here

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