Are you Missing Basic Productivity Tips on Your Gmail Account?
Google can not be replaced in a current online competition. It is a sea of information which propagates millions of times 24x7. Gmail have received vast popularity worldwide due to its ease of access and a high degree of security. No matter every operating system or program has some or other advantages over others, Gmail proves best and its amazing features are highly productive in today's busy schedule.
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Following are some great Gmail tips which will keep your life stable on a busy schedule.

Undo Send 

This is an awaited feature for most of us because accidently sending emails before complete is a common mistake we do sometimes. Undo Send will help you cancel the sent mail again within a set period of time.

Go to Settings > General Tab > Undo Send Option

Set Auto Events Off from Adding to your Calendar

Google automatically detects an event such as booking tickets, business meeting and adds as an Event in Calendar. Most of the time it is annoying because no one is so much busy that they can not remember their few programs. For them it is better they do not get notified of such things unless they are very much required.

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Access Gmail Offline

If you have frequent electricity shortage issues or your internet connection drops often during the day, you can still work offline on Gmail. Gmail Offline is great chrome add-on which allows offline account sync. Similar to WhatsApp offline activity, this add-on will keep syncing whenever a connection is ON.

Vacation Responder

Vacation Responder is important in case you are absent from your work and emails.
This is an important feature as someone sending you mail may keep waiting for your response or attention. If you know that you will be absent from your desk for some vacation or business work purpose, let others know about it.

Settings > General Tab < Vacation Responder

Delete/Archive mails from Android Notification Bar

Many people do not know about how to delete or archive mail while it appears on the notification bar. Yes, you can definitely do it. You need to change settings such a way that notification displays these options.

Settings > Default gmail action > Select your choices and its done.

Attach files in Gmail using Office Suite in Android Smartphone

Office suite for android allows you access many office files formats instantly. It is free app supported on most of the Android operating smartphones. Even if you wish to do a local search on your phone, it is easy with this app. 

The office suite is the best app today to attach files as attachments while emailing through phones. It's pro version costs approx. 10$ which is low if you are considering it for your business purpose. You can also search for files which are on remote servers such as Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc.

Is Someone else reading your Gmail?

If you click on "Last Account Activity" in Inbox view and scroll down, you will see details as "Last account activity: X mins ago". Just click on details and see for IP address from where your account was access including time and device used.

Some Popular Shortcuts

'j'- to go to older message

'k' - to go to newer message
'e' - hit e to achieve message
'shift + #'  to delete message
'a' - to reply all
'r' - reply, / - to type in search bar
Ctrl +V - (paste button) to insert an image from your computer's clipboard.

Send Emails from Different Email Accounts

If you wish to sent emails from different accounts from your Gmail, its possible. 

Go to Settings > Account > Import. Send mail as and click on "Add another email address"

While you compose a new mail, just select the one from which you wish to send the email from a drop down menu.

Manage Available Space on Your Account 

Click here to see how much space you have remaining. Search "size:[x number]m" and results will show you the bigger emails on your account. Find Big Mail is again a great site to sort those big emails and delete them if not in use.

If you want to relax your eyes to have some easily viewable look to your Gmail Account, just click on the gear icon on right top and select the "Comfortable" display density.

If you have any ideas or tricks on your Gmail Account, do let us know.

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