Internal/External Link Building Techniques for 2019
Link Building - Why it is important for websites and blogs? Well, it is the most crucial factor while developing a high search ranking for any website. Although it sounds a little boring topic to major site owners, one can not escape from it.

In 1997 when PageRank algorithm was formed by Google, it was the only means to rank the website search results. By now thousands of times, Google has updated this algorithm through Panda, Penguin, and recent Hummingbird initiatives to make the online world a better place. 

Then how to adapt this link building technique in getting more traffic and popularity? Here are the most important factors to achieve successful link-building campaign.

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Most effective ways for Link Building

1. Avoid Backlinks for just raising PageRank Higher

If you keen to raise your PR by a number of backlinks, you need to understand where and how they come from. All backlinks are not equal. Even if getting a backlink from a high PR site has a higher value compared to other sites, they may have a reverse effect on your site's SEO. How? 

This is something like 'Insider Trading'. If Google identifies your links as web-spam and notices that those links are unnatural and altering the natural flow, you will get fired.

Using simple thumb rule to understand yourself how this links works, you can ask yourself very genuinely the questions.

1. Will someone really feel that your links are natural and legitimate?
2. Will some real visitor click on your link?

If your mind gives you a satisfactory answer, you can surely proceed with link building.

2. Focus on Good and Bad Links rather than Numbers

There were days when mass backlinks were building up on sites to boost PR. There was misuse by creating a large number of single page websites and linking them back to the main website. This is not legitimate and it won't work well in the current scenario. 

Mostly links in the body or post section are considered as helpful backlinks and are made for good reference while the one found at the bottom of a site or in footer section are the suspects and maybe with spam methods.

3. Content is the King! Basic Tip to Get Quality Backlinks

Create original and quality content - Know that your articles will be straight posted to your social networks, Google profile, and other places. Impressive make and quality writing will only help you get attention.

If you are very good at writing, you will naturally receive public attention and more you write, more quickly you will get noticed. You can surely ask people to share your stuff, ask them for feedback, comments and so on.

4. Note a Google Plus - An excellent Sharing Ring

Have you noticed often that a Google Plus mention of a site always ranks higher than the site itself?

Yes, it is true. It is because a group of people in the circle are agreed to share each other through a mutual sharing strategy even though Google claims these 'Social Signals' have no impact on search result rankings. When someone from a Google group shares a post, another member gives them +1 as an upvote.

5. Write for others

This can be very good to show your best skills on other high PR sites. With this, you get Author publicity and good backlinking for your site. Not all PR1 sites but industry-specific sites of your niche can be selected to start with. You can contact them via their contact us form or email option.

For example, you can Google as "[keywords of your niche]" "write for us"

6. Contacting Well-known Industry Specific People

These are also called as Micro-Celebrities who are well known to the relevant industry. You can surely send them invitations and ask questions. While surely some of them will answer you gracefully, you can publish their views on your site along with their bio.

This could not be a regular activity unless you have a very relevant topic to ask views upon. Then email them an article link and ask for their review.

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7. Ego Baiting - Last but not least!

Some articles even suggest Ego Baiting a method to get links in. If you appeal to experts in a better way, the discussion will fire up and create healthy debate. Although it is not an approach for everyone to follow, many times we see the same thing happening on most of the sites. So, kind of a subtle. Just be careful with ego baiting, sometimes it messes around and you may need to close the discussion.
  • It includes adding top-tier sites in your articles
  • Asking views to known people in your area and ask to participate in the debate
  • Adding experts with their views in comments or articles
8. Seeking Online Forums to Participate

One of the best methods to drive backlinks on your site. If you have an answer to someone's questions on a relevant forum, write them with a short brief and link to highly relevant content on your website. 

With this, you have just placed a solid backlink on a high PR forum posting. And if it a dofollow link, that link will help raise your search ranking. Don't worry, even if those are nofollow, you will still boost your reputation and confidence through sharing.

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9. Sharing is Caring

Understand why some bloggers write, a share is caring just above their comment form and sharing bar. We are in the online community to support and help each other. So, be helpful to others, ask for help and appreciate each other's work.

10. Updating content with Infographics

Using old and obsolete content to refurbish and repost with most updated information is another tip to focus on the quality content. You can get old and outdated infographics to achieve this. 

The original content owner can be contacted to know that content is improved and asking them to link to it on their sites.

To check the link to those infographics, you can use a good backlink checker and analyze where they are pointing to.

11. Dead or Outdated content

You can surely hunt for those topics which were famous long ago but have become totally obsolete so as to refine it and repost. Again you should contact the site owner and ask them to link to the latest information.

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12. Look for Evergreen Content and Information

There are topics which are constantly in people's mind. Such articles are a gem for site owners as they get thousands of visits. It is true with every domain in their niche. 

To look for similar topics, you absolutely need to focus on the latest information so that new article must still be original, with added information and visually more appealing.

13. No too much SEO

If you are a recent site owner and newbie, it is advised to focus on keyword planning and quality content. To stand out in the online jungle, you can stay calm, expect better from yourself and create helpful content for others. Do not run for success.

Link building is very easy but a tedious process. You need to have patience and keep applying your ideas on the field. No hurry - No wait, could be your policy. You can go through all the above techniques and start applying right away. As your links grow, you will get confidence and start believing in them.

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It is certainly not too late to start link building. Was this article helpful? Help us grow by sharing this article.
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