Complete Guide for Running an Affiliate Program on Your E-Commerce Website
Amazon is most probably the best Affiliate Program in the market with limitless Digital Products and services to offer. E-commerce affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, One Network Direct are already leading the industry and creating a huge sale and commission. With such competition, you may need to study your business model and offerings before starting a new program to ensure it is much more attractive and stable.

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Factors to consider while Creating an E-Commerce Affiliate Program

Affiliates bring a heavy volume of traffic to generate large sales for merchants and e-commerce businesses. When an Affiliate look for a new program to join, they need to be satisfied with the perquisites of the program such as,

1. How much money are Affiliates are going to pay?

If you keep heavy fees to join your program, less number of affiliates will join initially as your program is not so trusted brand yet. Free program joining will help new affiliates at least give a try.

2. How much Commission do you offer?

It is important that you confirm the benefits to the affiliates in written. This will keep them informed about their earnings and targets. A CTR or percentage of commission varies depending upon the nature of product and business. Single tier programs only pay commission on sales generated by affiliates, whereas two-tier programs not only pay sales commission but also the benefits on sales generated through their referral.

3. Tracking System and Affiliate Center

Affiliate need to constantly monitor how they are performing. The interface provided by you will help them analyze their data and goals. This interface will have all the information about Affiliate such as his profile, products and links, statistics, leads, earnings and much more. An ease of access with optimum security will certainly attract more affiliates to come in.

4. Payment Terms

How are you going to pay to your affiliates? This will clearly define your payment system and will give affiliate a clear idea about how their hard earned money is completely safe on your accounts till the withdrawal. This will also include information such as the minimum threshold for withdrawing payments, what options are available to take the money in hands such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Direct Cheques and ACH - Automated Clearing House etc.

5. Who are the online retailers?

Often Merchants look for an affiliate's information to offer their programs and similarly affiliates look for retailer's information to ensure their maximum benefits. If they know each other in a brief, they can surely focus better on their goals.

Your eCommerce business can display all the information such as sales, volume of traffic, impressions etc. so as to maintain proper transparency.

6. Sharing Profits and Maintaining Laws to combat Fraud

Your eCommerce business needs to be very straightforward in terms of policies. To avoid later issues with payments and complaints from affiliates even though they have done some mistakes, your study must be brief. 

Focus on Terms and Conditions of your Business before launching and offering a program. To tackle the issue of non-legitimate methods to earn money and frauds, you must be thinking absolutely way ahead. When something bad will happen, you will need to reverse those commissions and prove how things were clearly violating your terms. This way many of the bad people will stay away right from the day one.

7. Applying ideas through Campaign

You can apply a number of new ideas through your online e-commerce platform. Which will include filling forms, downloading a formula or software, signing up for a newsletter etc. This will ultimately take visitors to the sales page of your program. Just doing nothing and waiting for the lead to come in could be risky; instead, you can always try a new campaign and also quit them if they do not satisfy your goals.

8. Demographics

Demographics plays a crucial role in Affiliate sourcing. If your product is from the specific geographical area and needs customer from those areas only, you must look for specific affiliates who can promote there. Go online and search for them on online Forums, YouTube Channels and Brand Sites etc. 

Getting right Affiliate network for your business is a key to achieving better success. Most of the time top tier networks are busy with their already established business and may ignore your new business. Therefore, not only focus upon the best services around but also specifically look for other good programs such as Ninjas. You can always give more benefits to your affiliates rather than looking for investing heavy in those special marketing programs.

If you offer discount coupons through your online business site, it will certainly generate good sales. There are a number of sites which run heavy coupon discounts or last minute offers and steal commission from an Affiliate program. Provide discounts and extra benefits after your reach a good sales target from your current campaign.

How to Gain more on your E-commerce Site with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates put their best through their sites to generate more visitor volume and trust hence creating more customers to your business. Your program must give better offers and schemes to facilitate their efforts into good earnings.

If you have an eCommerce business, all you need to do is to select perfect affiliate platform which will suit your model. One of our choices currently is ShareAsale Affiliate. Currently, they have a large database of Affiliates and offer a stable business model to them. Their payment schemes are good with the great level of satisfaction.

You can also look for Omnistar for Shopify & BigCommerce; an AffiliateWP for WordPress e-commerce sites.

You can provide your Affiliate an interface where they can choose from different products and their banner sizes to suit their ad spaces. A kind of an Affiliate Resource Centre. Competition is higher and always will be there for you. You cannot just expect affiliates to look for your program and join simply. You will need to promote and attract them all the time. You can look for blogs and sites which have a suitable niche as per your product offerings and welcome them. You will constantly need to keep an eye on your affiliates and see whether they are surely motivated.

Best E-commerce platforms for your Affiliate Program

If you are looking for eCommerce Platform which will generate higher sales to your products and services here are the best options.

Shopify Starter Plan at just $14 per month. Gives almost 200% commissions per sale. Click here for complete review.

Volusion - You can become an affiliate, reseller, solution or even referral partner with varied commission rates. Joining plans varies from $14 to $135 per month.

TemplateMonster - Gives basic 20% commission and can be increased up to 30%, An 18$ per basic sales commission at the moment. They have a 100$ minimum withdrawal threshold.

InfusionSoft - They have approx 2000$ setup plan which is a bit costlier. Affiliates can earn $500 on each sale. It has basic plans starting at $199/mo.

Big Commerce One of the big brands in e-commerce platforms. They have processed over $5 billion through transactions. Their basic plan starts at $30/mo  

Drop Ship Access - They currently have $49.95 annual membership fee with over 1.8 Million Products Offered. They are also partnered with other big shopping stores online. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

Anves - It is a DropShip Specialist – It has an initial price tag of appx. $1000 for joining.

Veeqo Joining fee of $108/mo, with a 14-day free trial available. You will earn up to 20% commission per sale on a monthly recurring basis. You can also get recurring earnings through referral leads. Click here for complete review.

DropShip Lifestyle Basic plan starts at $197/mo. You can earn up to $300 commission per sale.

FinestShops Pricing starts from $145 It gives great $150 for every direct referral and $15 for every second tier join.

Final Words,

If you have an eCommerce Business and willing to rise high in online selling, affiliates marketing is a great option. With E-Commerce platforms, you can bring thousands of customers shop easily through your online store. 

Let us know why you choose among them and how is your experience. Put your views in below comments.

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