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You might not know the other best uses of your so called tiny device in today's environment. Right from using it as a measuring device to tracking locations through GPS, there are almost unlimited applications where a smartphone can be used. Not only in our daily life but in the tech world this gadget is capable of producing most accurate results and bring analysis. 
Amazing Uses of a today's Smartphone
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#Remote Control

Yes, you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your TV or even a Car player. There are a number of apps supported by Android, iOs which will help you play around the things. Not only this, you can even control latest devices such as high-end cameras, plasma TVs, cam coders etc.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 comes with IR Blaster. If your phone has IR blaster your can use tv remote app called Anymote Smart Remote. Samsung LCDs are equipped with TV remote app. You can use it even for your DVDs, ACs, Stereo systems etc. If you do not have IR blaster on your phone you can also use Belkin Miracast Display adaptor.

Gizmodo gives you a best five options for using your smartphone as a universal remote control. Dijit, iRule, RedEye, Re remote app, Zmart. See how they work here.

#Use Your PC from your Smartphone remotely

You can control your computer functions using your smartphone. There are readily available apps which can handle all the basic functions which you otherwise need to sit and do with your laptop or desktop machine. 

You can use your smartphone as a remote control. You can let your PC transmit images to your smartphone so that you can take further actions. Using remote desktop clients you can control your PC from your smartphone screen easily.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop - 

If you use Google Chrome more often on your PC, there is an extension for PC get here and suitable Mobile Android app click here available. Get it for iPhone. Its basic user interface has almost all the administrative functions inbuilt.

Microsoft Remote Desktop - 

It works well on windows machines, of course, there are apps for smartphones available. Get here for Android, iOS and for Windows Phones.

Virtual Network Client - 

VNC is among the best choice for many power users. It is open source design and works well on most of the platforms. For free users, TightVNC on the desktop is a most favoured option.

Remote Mouse - 

This is not a remote desktop client, Remote mouse simply emulates a traditional mouse and keyboard to a smartphone. Instead of using a mouse and keyboard sitting near to a PC, you can just do the same with your smartphone. It is freely available for Android, iOS, Windows OS X or Linux Server.

Unified Remote is again a similar app but has better advanced options in its paid version.

#Watching Live TV Channels

Busy with your office schedule and can't watch those famous shows now? If you want to watch your favourite Game of Thrones show on your Smartphone, it is quite easily possible with smartphones. Following TV schedule is something difficult for busy city people. You must have heard of those Google Chromecast while long ago, now your smartphone can do the same thing over wi-fi or high-speed internet connection using apps.

Internet connectivity is common at city cafe or home, and you can certainly take advantage of it. Apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Lovefilm, Youtube, BBC iPlayer are really helpful for streaming live content to your smartphone. You can also download TV shows if you are worried about data connection later during the day. Download and sync to phone options are useful to do this. Live TV is again a great option. Download here or link 1.

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#Forecasting Weather

Technology is evolved with latest apps and sensors which will assist Android devices to sense weather accurately. See full report here OpenSignal

#Monitoring Health

You must have heard of an Apple app which monitors Heart Rates. Not only this, a latest health apps can monitor metabolism rate, fat burning (weight loss), mental stability and much more. 

Researchers have developed an iPhone cradle and app that can trace toxins, proteins, viruses through a phone camera. Smartphone usage as a mobile lab can save thousand of dollars against using equivalent combined separate measuring devices. Click here for full review on redorbit.

#Using as a CCTV

If you have a place where you need to see what is happening such as working shop floor, warehouse, home or children's room, you can use your smartphone to record the live videos from the CCTV. Using GPS tracking you can also check defined Smartphone’s location secretly. There is an iPhone app called, "find my iPhone" which will help you find where your device is.

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#Advance Metal Detector

You will be fascinated to know that using relevant apps you can use your smartphone as a Metal Detector. You can then try to find a presence of metal anywhere in your daily life. e.g. suspicious activity, dental implants, food etc. Click here for full review.

In Si-Fi world, smartphones are also being used in satellite (See Google Nexus being used as brain for STRaND-1 satellite)

#Chemical Sensors

If you are worried about the hazardous environment around you, your smartphone can actually help you count the level of toxicity or harmful chemicals surrounding you. Whether it is pollution or some chemical leakage, you can measure anything. This is very useful even in our daily life city environment where gas leakage is a common problem.

# Measuring Air Pressure and Altitude

As you know most of the smartphones come with built-in GPS and Barometer, it is very easy to measure air pressure and altitude above sea levels. Sometimes these indices are important for us to get instant idea.

# On-Site Diagnostics

Most of the latest vehicles and machines come with apps and softwares which are compatible with Smartphone apps, so just connect them and run the apps to have complete analysis report on screen. It is a handy easy tool but has vast potential for routine public users. It is also called as On-board diagnostics which just work with USB plug in.

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