Powerful Facebook Widgets for Faster Website Promotion
Facebook is used all over the world to promote businesses and personal life events. It has become a lifeline for most of the youngsters and enterprenuers. If you have a website, you can utilize Facebook's vast potential to expand your brand popularity more faster. Here is a list of the most admired Facebook widgets which everyone must try on their sites to attract large online audience base.

What are those Default Facebook Widgets?

Facebook Popup Like Box - This widget allows an FB pop up to appear on the screen after certain specified time, say 5 secs or so. As it instantly grabs the visitor's attention, it is most preferred way to expand your brand publicity. No matter how big your site is, FB like is always necessary. Get it here

Floating Facebook Like Box - This is very simple Facebook pop up from the sidebar of a site. Even though it looks simple it has a powerful impact for attracting more people to like your content. Once someone hover over the blue Facebook tab, a pop-up will appear on the front. Get it here

floating fb widget

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Share Button - As a name suggests, a simple share button to share your article on a visitor's FB wall, you can simply expect great traffic to your site this way. Get it here

Like Box - You must have seen a fixed Like Box on most of the site. This is most commonly used Facebook widget. But it is recommended to use above widgets as well, or at least, have a try. Get it here
fb like box
Page Badge - Page Badge allow user to share your Facebook page (Called as Business page) to your website. Get it here

Twitter Link - This widget is used to link a Facebook account with Twitter. With this, whenever you update your Facebook with new posts or articles, same will be updated to your twitter account with a tweet and short link. Get it here

Widgets for Author Bio

Profile Badge - You can display your Facebook Profile on your site. With this, any visitor can quickly connect to your full Facebook profile and may become your friend. Get it here

Like Badge - Using this you can display your Facebook Business Pages on your website so that a visitor can quickly like your page. Get it here

Photo Badge - Using Photo badge you can let visitor on your site instantly know about your Facebook photos. There are different layouts are available to display images such as vertical, horizontal, single or two column etc. Get it here

Developers Facebook Widgets

You can seamlessly use Facebook to promote your sites and Blogs. Once you build up an enough friends on your business Facebook, you can then connect your friends to see what is happening on your site.

Login Using Facebook - Some sites prefer to log into them using User's Facebook account rather than separate registration required. Get it here

Comments Box - See here for "How to use Facebook Comment Box on your Site?" Get it here
Activity Feed - Using this you can display what activities are happening on your sites. Best examples of this are what people are discussing, their comments, shares, likes etc. Get it here

Like Button - A simple custom made Facebook Like box for your site. Get it here

Recommendations - This widget suggest a visitor with an external links which they may like to visit. Such as popular happening news, interesting things, new gadgets, politics etc. Get it here

Live Stream - Using this, Facebook users can share, post their views and articles online at a real time. Get it here

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Registration - Using this widget one can also register your website using their Facebook account. Get it here

Facepile - This widget gathers all those profile pictures who have liked your Facebook Page or joined your site. Get this widget here

If you like the widgets do let us know in comments. Also if you have any doubt write in comments. For more brief codes visit django social widgets site.
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