Amazing Ways to Find Your Missing Smartphone
What if some day you miss your valuable gadget and you are desperately finding it? It may happen in an office, party, hotel or anywhere else you travelled during the last day. Even if you have not installed a tracking app on your phone, there is still a possibility that you can get it back. There are following ways using which you can expect a device to safely reach in right hands.
Missing Smartphone
Method 1: Windows 10 inbuilt "Find My Device"

Windows 10 provide an excellent utility to track registered devices on Bing map.
If your laptop or mobile is missing or stolen you can trace out its location from your windows 10 account. Once you keep "Find my device" ON in win10, it will note your last location periodically.

While "Find my device" is ON, a computer will keep noting your last access location in Bing map. If you click on Find my device, the utility will show you the link where it will display its location and time of access.

Go to Update & Security Section in Settings.

Click on "Find my Device". Click the option to enable it 'ON'

Find My Devices Win 10

Now windows will start noting the location of the accessed device wherever it is taken to.

Again to trace the still not found device, go to and Sign in. Fill in your device details. This will show you the device list. Select your device which you need to trace.

Microsoft Devices Login
In the left pane, windows will show you the details of that device along with its location on Bing map.

Method 2: Using Google Android Device Manager

For this, you don't even need to install the app. You must be logged in to your Google account all the time, Stay ON and have working internet connection. Google Android Device Manager is Google's official security app. Also, you must keep ADM to turned ON to locate your device, lock it and erase the data. You can also trace your device by using ADM on someone else smartphone and if that phone do not have ADM get you can it here. You can then trace your device, lock it or even wipe the whole data (this option is turned off by default in ADM).

Method 3: Using Android Lost Application

Again a similar app which can help you trace and lock your device. Get Android Lost App here. For this again you need to be connected to Google account, have an internet connectivity and not running latest Android OS.

More precisely you can log in to Android Lost website and you can control your device remotely. With this, you can lock your phone, ring it loud, send/read SMS or wipe entire data etc.

You can also try Android Lockout app (called as Plan B) for free if above method doesn't work well. This is the only solution if your Android phone working on previous versions of Android from 2.0 up to 2.3.

Method 4: Google Maps Location History - Timeline

If you had activated your location history on in your smartphone and logged in to your Google account, you have very high chance to trace your smartphone. Not that all phone users are smart enough to turn everything off after getting hands on someone else's device, you can smartly locate your device before the third person tries to wipe it off. Timeline uses tower signals to map the location, therefore, its accuracy is far better than ADM.

Method 5: Using Dropbox to locate a device

If you are using camera upload feature on your device with dropbox storage account, you have a good chance of getting your phone back quickly. Once a user takes any new picture, they will be automatically uploaded to a connected dropbox account and that's how you can know the details such as their photo, location etc. 

Method 6: Samsung's Find My Mobile

Samsung has inbuilt app to trace their devices. One must have Samsung registered account and must be logged into it. Should have an internet connection and Find my mobile must be properly set up.

Wrap up,

If you can keep the automatic features ON, your Google account logged in, internet connectivity with tracking apps installed, you can get your devices quickly before someone play around the new device and it's settings. Not that everyone is smart enough to quickly wipe or put OFF the things in the smartphone which they have accidentally got in their hands, you can take some leverage of your smart functions and recall your device safely. 

Have a good luck finding your recently lost device before you need to buy a new one.

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