Amazing Android Hacks that Everyone Must Try
Google Android is currently the most preferred operating system for smartphone all over the world. There are millions of apps which are built to attract the new market. With this, surely there are hackers coming in to modify and let users do something funny with the available resources such as getting free updates, android rooting, modified ROMs, crazy apps and much more.

Here are some of the top android hacks available in the smartphone market.

Get free Android Updates

Since hackers are working all the time to use the resources available, you do not need to wait for Google to release the updates. It's pretty simple, root your android device and install the custom ROMs. Once such developer releases the updates, you are all set to install them on your smartphone. Try here

Get Custom ROMs to have much better performance

Custom ROMs open up the limitless opportunities on your device. Whether it is new themes or installing third party apps or even boosting your phone's processor, custom ROM will help you do everything. These modified ROMs must be installed carefully otherwise your phone may hang up completely.

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Get Developer Options Enabled

Once you enable a Developer mode in you Android device, it is pretty amazing to see further more attractive features. These tips are very useful for day to day life. Hope you know how to enable developer mode in Android by now. 

If not, just go to Settings > About Phone, Go to Build number and tap it up to 7 times. A notification pop up will appear saying "you have enabled developer mode". Go back to Settings and find Developer options under system subheading. 

Install APK files on your Android device

If you want to try the apps which are directly not there on the App store, you can download these apk files anywhere online and install manually. Before installing apk files make sure to enable the Unknow sources option from app settings.

Trace your Phone with Android Device Manager

ADM is one of the most preferred apps for finding your missing or stolen smartphone. This app also allows you change the PIN so that no one can access your device. You can also wipe out your phone and remove its data completely. Isn't it amazing? If you are a businessman and have a precious database on your phone, you must use this app and its features. Try here

Install Amazing Launchers on your Android Device

Launchers create a beautiful user interface which stock android doesn't come along. Great examples are Nova Launchers and Apex Launchers.

Overclock your Smartphone to utilize its complete resources

Overclocking is certainly not dangerous if done properly. If you have a slow performance issue with your phone, you can easily set its parameters to perform faster than before. This means you will need to root your smartphone to allow it to use an extra battery, memory, and other things. The only thing to note here is with boosted processor use, there is an addition heat created and overwhelms the inbuilt cooling system. So, well build overclocking app must be used for this purpose.

Make Animations run faster

If your device has memory issues, you can put animations off through hardware settings. Or you can set them to run faster than ever before. For this Go to developer options and scroll down to see "Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. To speed up make them to '0.5x' and you will be able to the difference. To put animations off, just put them to off.

Play Classic Games on your Android Phone

You must have remembered the old day's retro games playing with putting coins in the game machine. Those classic style games are now available with a smartphone, thanks to the hackers and developers. Gameboid and Ataroid are the two top choices for this purpose. They have also hacked successfully the android devices to suit for NES controllers using with a smartphone. Try this

Nandroid Backup

It is for rooted phone. For this, one must have rooted their device and have a custom recovery installed. Nandroid backup mirrors your smartphone's current settings, messages, call logs and saves as a copy to your said location. It does not take backup of your data and media files. Try this

This is very useful in situations when you have just installed a custom ROM and you do not like it for some reason, using nandroid backup you can restore your device to its basic version.

Advance your Media Centre with Gmote Android App

One of the smartphone limitations includes its limited space. You constantly need to remove the old media files to copy the new one. With Gmote app, you can easily sync your new media folder to your smartphone so that it is automatically remains updated as per your needs. It is a simple hack that enables you to stay in touch with your fresh media choices. Get latest Gmote here

Guest Mode on Android Phone

Guest mode is a perfect way to stop anyone surfing your private data. By activating a guest profile, you will stay assured that no one else can see your settings and so blocked content. LG's latest phones come with Guest profile feature and that is very productive currently.

Force 4X MSSA

Applications which run OpenGL ES 2.0 can be improved for their graphics output by adjusting MSSA settings. But it will eat more of a battery juice by enhancing performance and graphics speed, especially for game lovers. This is achieved by adjusting pixels through Multisample Anti-Aliasing 4x techniques.

Install Root-Only apps

If you are a really smart phone user, you must go for rooted apps for all your needs. These apps gain extra access and give the best performance. They use your device's modified resources otherwise which is not possible with a standard smartphone. Rooted device means full control over hardware and operating system.  Some of the system functions are not allowed by standard devices for which root are an ultimate solution.

Enable USB Debugging

USB debugging allows programs to access your phone when connected to PC. It has much scope especially when your device hangs completely or its PIN gets locked etc. For this first, you need to root your device, unlock boot loader and to install a custom ROM.

Turn you Android phone into Wi-Fi hotspot

Using Wireless Tether App, you can actually convert your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot. For this, you need to root your android phone. With this, you can connect to any other device easily. But you should always know that rooting your device will void is warranty.

Using Android on old iPhones

Yes its pretty possible with software such as Redsn0w and Pwnage Tool. You may wonder seeing android running on your iPhone and get totally crazy experience.

You would probably surprise to know your old iPhone can run an Android operating system.

Block unwanted Ads

One of the major complaints about Android apps is the free ads displaying all the time. If you are fed up of those ads everywhere, you can easily get rid of them by rooting your phone and installing the Adfree app. There are also some other apps available.

Enhance Sound performance

Using an Equalizer App which is available on Google Play store, you can actually see the changes in sound quality. If you have trouble with sound on your phone, this app is really helpful to sort out those issues. You can also flash custom sound mods by rooting your device before. Currently, developers are making those mods suitable to enhance those sound mods.

Get detailed battery graph

Poor battery life is a major current issue everywhere. People need their smartphones whole day and a battery is of a prime requirement. If you can see the overall battery graph on your device, you can actually see which apps are eating more of it and which of them needs to be shut down to enhance battery life.

Check Date and Time with single tap

If you tap and hold the status bar on your phone, it will display your date and time instantly.

Check detailed Mobile Data usage

Most of us are still using mobile data instead of wi-fi. Using extra data will increase you bills, but if you could monitor your data usage, you can control much of it. A lot of people waste huge money on their internet bills just because they do not monitor the usage and background downloads. Just go to Mobile data under Wireless & Networks in Setting app. You will see the detailed report on data usage.

View Desktop version of mobile sites

Most of the time mobile sites are short and sweet, however, if you want to access the full desktop page of a site, you can do so in today's large screen tablets and phones. If you are using chrome, launch the site, got to the menu and enable Request desktop site.

Gesture Typing

Typing long messages is a tedious task for many of us. Gesture typing is very popular nowadays. There are third party apps such as SlideIT free keyboard which will enable you to type faster with accurate guesses. This app works amazing by just swiping your fingers on the keys and not typing them, a gesture bar will suggest you the words automatically.

Get rid of App Notifications

Some apps keep sending your notifications all the day. If you wish not to have them specifically & keeping all other notifications alive, just go to App settings and uncheck the option saying "Show notifications".

Automatically Record phone calls on your Device

Mostly call recorders doesn't come with smartphones. You need a third party app for this purpose. There are plenty of recording apps available on Google Play Store. Surely you will like them.

Connect your Android Device to TV

Using HDMI ports you can connect your phone to LED tv. If your device does not have HDMI port, look if it supports MHL adapters. You can also buy MHL adapter online.

Set LED colors for the Notifications

Using a third party app called "Light Flow" you can set the LED color to your custom apps and notifications easily. With paid version which is about $2.49, you can customize LED settings for almost 600 apps. Sound's great get it here.

Take Screenshots of your smartphone

Taking screenshots on your smartphone is a basic need. Whether is an online page or any screen, you may need to save it for reference. Some hackers have done this job well. For this, you need to root your phone and install a suitable app. A latest ShootMe app will allow you do this easily with a simple shake.

Spoof people using fake GPS locations

Using Apps such as Fake GPS Locations, you can display the world a fake location while you are actually at your home.

You can also use Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free

Enable developer mode in android > allow mock locations > install Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free from play store > on coveted menu select GPS only > choose a location of the map to fake > that's done!          

Open blocked Sites and Content

In some countries, YouTube and many other sites are blocked by their governments and authorities. Using private networks such as Hotspot Shield you can easily access them. SuperVPN is yet another app for this purpose.

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