Do You Recommend Amazing Selling Machine at $4,997 Price Tag?
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Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: High consistency results with Matt Clark's training program. ASM is surely great.
Cons: Hard to justify the program cost while other cheap alternatives are available.
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What is ASM? Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a training program for business initiatives. You will have to pay almost $5000 that promises you to earn potentially around $100,000 per month. Would you believe that?

In other words, co-founder Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback teaches entrepreneurs how to build fast-growing business selling with physical products through Amazon channel.

You have easy installments of $997 to pay for the training program. It's a 8 core web-based online training modules, Single admission for a 3-day live summit in Las Vegas, One year access to software tool suite, Lifetime membership to ASM (Amazing selling machine) with forum support and much more.
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you won't satisfy with the program, within 30 days they will process your refund. Simply contact customer support at 1-888-415-0615, or via email at They also assure you for up to $2000 inventory back guarantee. Meaning, if you have purchased products for your business, you can give them back. Investing in is totally risk-free.

Build your own mini e-Commerce store

ASM will teach you how to ship a product at customer's doorsteps via Amazon. It's a viable opportunity for many of online merchants. Viable doesn't mean so straight forward. Product costing needs to be minimum so as to grab a vast number of customers otherwise large selling concept will not work successfully. The best example is Wall-Mart, they make millions of dollars monthly by keeping costs minimum and shipping items faster through channels.

To achieve this, large quantities are manufactured from potential sources such as china and once quality is tested and approved, they are confirmed for mass selling. Once approved by Amazon for shipping those items, you get an inventory support from them for actual door-drop-shipping.

The heavy program cost doesn't mean that it is complicated, furthermore neither it is so easy for everyone nor extremely difficult to achieve. With proper business strategies and guidance, a potential merchant can lead to the success easily following the right path. 

That is why Matt Clark says in online magazines "The No-Brainer Secret to Success: High Margins". The cost is as pure as the heavy margins.

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If you go to their website, you won't see a training scheduled sooner or later. It is for a very limited time period. With this, they tighten their marketing plan and ensure large numbers of participants are attracted to their program on right within time.

ASM also marketize their online training schedule through dedicated manager ensuring promotion works well and reach right potential affiliates. Affiliate who promote ASM get a very attractive commission of $525 per up-front sale and up to 4x150=$600 per each installment purchase. That's sound fascinating!

Better Alternatives

Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon course is a great alternative for those who are outside U.S. and want to source products in wholesale from other countries. They also offer an online community, strategies, and additional tools to support business.  Jim’s training has got much better reviews online with easy guides on how to get started with selling on Amazon.

Import Empire (Startup Bros) - The training primarily focuses on how to sell private label products on Amazon.

Marketplace Superheroes - One of the best sell on Amazon course available. The course combines training (8 weeks, 13 modules), community (involvement with current trend on online selling), unique selling proposition (USP) (unique tools such as Xcellerator software, legal assistance etc.)

eCom Masters - The program includes their Master's core curriculum video training library (total 57 training modules) + Ecom master's 6-week LIVE training + Special bonus of Azon Insights Software. The program is great for all of them who can not invest huge in their selling concept but have strong willing to reach great milestones.

What do you suggest? Join ASM here

Of course ASM is a bit costlier, but if you have money and want to be consistent with your business, it's a high-quality training and hard to avoid. Although alternatives are fair enough to consider, they will surely save much of your money.

If you have already purchased ASM, please let us know your experience. Was your money worth spending on ASM training or you suggest any other training program. Share your review below.

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