Want to Make Money with Instagram, Just Follow Me!
Instagram is one of those social media networks which focuses purely on images. It is more or less app based. Currently, there are over 400 million active users per month on Instagram trying to share their daily life fun and work. And so there is a huge potential to look for legitimate money with it.

Facebook, after purchasing an Instagram started thinking over various plans to heavily monetize it from the earning prospectives. With this, there is an opportunity for the users to look for some income as well. But wait, don't just expect yourself to earn like those Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid making millions with their Instagram posts but surely you can draw enough with your passion.

As per theguardian.com Instagram has become as popular as Facebook fo marketing brand as well as product services. If you get thousands of followers and likes for your Instagram Posts and Images, you will earn like anything. 
How to Earn with Instagram?

Look for Relevant Content

If you can find the relevant pool of visitors who are talking on similar topics of your niche, you can put your pitch in front of them and build a larger fan base. With this, you can marketise your articles, content and products easily.

Post High-Resolution Quality Images

It is certain that image speaks worth a thousand words, try to focus on your quality photos. It will boost more followers, comments and likes obviously. You can collect thousands of followers with your best imagination and hard work. 

See how Instagram become a strong marketing place. Depending upon your fan engagement capability you will be offered money to advertise some brand.

Post often

Posting your content on Instagram regularly means building a followers base. With your authorship on a subject, you will attract readers and make them believe what you are saying.

Be Socially active

Remember, what you're selling is your own pitch and voice. So be present everywhere else than only on Instagram, so that interesting followers can share with you on other networks too.

Sell your photos

Don't just believe on pixabay and let users use your images for free, giving you nothing but just a link credits. There are plenty of other online places where you will actually be getting paid for your quality collection. Photography is still a source of bread and butter for many across the countries from many years. 

It may start right from few dollars to $25 per photo with its legal credits for an ordinary user like us and if you're thinking of making thousands, grow your fan base and popularity like a brand.

Become a Brand Influencer

Once you successfully establish your own social presence, next step you can take is to promote a brand. It is not that difficult and something similar like participating in a network and becoming a Brand Ambassador.

You will be paid for a sponsored reviews and posts which will include their product marketing with a certain pitch. They will give you free gifts, money per like etc.

But wait, for this you must have enough fan base, thousands of visitors and huge like ratios to attract them. Note that you will be rejected by many, but patience and consistency is a key.


Something doesn't sound well right? Wait, you can take advantage of affiliate marketing with Instagram to promote products and services online. At a sponsored posts you can certainly include links to some relevant products to purchase online and become an affiliate.

Sell your Own Services and Products

Already established with your online presence? Why not take a leverage and build your own newsletters, stakeboards, offers, eBook etc. More the subscribers you collect, more they will engage with your content and hence more profit.

Link and Tags

Make sure you like and tag your images on Twitter and other social sites. Twitter allow you tag your photos while Instagram allows your add links to your images. So utilise these potential sources for having healthy earnings. 

Tip of the day: If you want to make your images look sharper and brightened, use Photoshop CS portable which is easily available online and use Ctrl+M to adjust its sharpness on the graph. It's damn easy.

Any thoughts? Do share with us in comments.

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