Solution to Trace Exact IP Address of Any Website or Domain
It is easy to trace IP address of a website. Why is it important? Every site which we open on our computer through the internet has a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address. It shows the physical location from where the site is located. It will help you resolve any network issues, finding domain neighbors, DNS problems and so on.

How do I know the IP address of a particular website?

Using windows basic CMD command prompt -

Go to start > Type cmd and hit enter.
Now write "ping" (A website URL) whose IP you need to find.
cmd will show you the route of that website with correct IP address.

Using nslookup (Alternative to Windows basic cmd) -

Just enter nslookup
And it will show up the detailed report about the website's root.

Further a "Non-authoritative answer" will give original domain of the website. You can also use grep command to get only target domain IP address.

Using dig to find IP address -

dig command is another way for this purpose. It gives more brief on DNS lookup.

% dig

Using WHOIS database -

WHOIS database tracks registration information of major website owners along with their IP address. You can use to track the details.

It will display results as follows:

But information collected through this is just statistical purpose rather than current hosted.

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