Steps to Build a Successful Sales Funnel for Your Business
Creating a healthy sales funnel is a bit tedious task and requires patience. Don't behave like a seller with your online visitors. More importantly do not give them everything you have at once. All you need to achieve is user engagement. To do this, you must be able to hook your readers and let them wait to hear all the communication rather than look at a pure sales presentation.

Creating a long message and attracting unqualified prospects to land up with a buying decision is a successful strong sales funnel. The metaphor of funnel is used because at every stage an interest of buying keeps dropping.
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Why use Sales Funnel?

With a successful sales funnel, you will land up in more sales target by engaging readers and making him purchase even before they finish reading complete article.

With Sales funnel, you will analyse how the reader becomes a prospectus and be able to predict the percentage of them will surely become a customer. Funnel will also advise you, where actual improvement is needed. Over a few month of work you will be implementing a much stronger sales model for your business.

Following are the main steps to create a stronger and successful sales funnel.

The News

This is an important part, in this, you have to talk about a news discussing a need of a said product. Best example could be an upcoming Christmas Eve or a Halloween Season and you are trying to sell special colorful candles with some beautiful designs over it. But wait at this point & don't discuss your product yet.

The news is just a hook to call readers attention. You will offer yourself a better position here and let people wait for your next advice.

The Tease

This sounds funny part but it has its own importance and can increase your sales to multiple times. Tease them for what is coming next. Tease your product, offer and build a powerful anticipation with readers. This will build a trust in reader's eyes and more percentage of them will be ready to buy your product.

The Gift

At this stage, give your prospects some gift. This can be anything valuable such as a sample, a deal or a free tool. More valuable your gift is, you will land up with better sales.

Once you give something valuable to your reader, it creates a positive impact on their mind and it's most likely behavior that they will try to give you something in return. And the best option they have is to purchase your product.

The Offer

At this stage, you must focus completely on your product and its features including pricing, plans, benefits, guarantees etc. This is a frame where a reader will try to grab most of his attention before making a buying decision.

The Pull

This stage is similar to scarcity where a prospectus may buy your product and get all the benefit and bonuses you said just now or they lose the offer if they do not buy at this moment. In the worst scenario, they will lose this limited period offer completely.

Make Your Sales Funnel be more successful

Send Tease emails to your subscribers and email lists.

Use hashtags on Google + to look for relevant communications.

Communicate more strongly with the potential prospectus.

Participate in relevant Twitter chats.

Try giving gifts and valuables.

Sell with positive message and content - Establish yourself as an authority in your industry, this way people will start believing in what you are trying to say.

Run Facebook Ads and post your content on social media.

Create mail lists and mail regularly at short intervals.

Write from the reader's perspective such that he/she must feel that you are positively talking to them.

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